Can I get a ‘3 for free’ data top-up for my fixed broadband?

If you have an eligible Telstra home broadband service, you can use up to 3 free data top-ups per calendar year.

It works like this:

  • You can redeem a data top-up if you’re a Telstra fixed home broadband customer on ADSL, Cable, Velocity and nbn broadband
  • You can redeem up to 3 top-ups a year
  • If your service has slowed because you’ve gone over your allowance, and you choose to activate one of your data top-ups, your internet will return to normal speed once your data top-up is activated
  • The top-up amount will be the same as your plan allowance (excluding bonus data) and expires at the end of the billing cycle in which you requested your top-up. For example, if you have a plan with 500GB of data and an additional 500GB of bonus data (1000GB in total), you will receive a data top-up of 500GB.
  • If you don’t use all your top-ups, they expire at the end of the calendar year
  • If your service has slowed due to non-payment, then adding a 3 for free top-up will not return your service to its usual speed; it will only do so if it’s slowed because you’ve gone over your allowance
Good to know

If your plan includes an unlimited data allowance, data top-ups do not apply.





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