Use the table below to troubleshoot the most common problems to get your pre-paid mobile broadband device back online.

Lost/Forgotten Wi-Fi security password/key
  • You can find this on the main screen of the device.
  • You can also remove the back panel of your device and check above the battery.

No internet signal

Can’t connect to mobile network

Limited internet speed

Check that:

  • Your pre-paid account balance is in credit / service is active
  • You are in a coverage area and there are no known outages
  • You’re close to the Wi-Fi or connected to your PC if it’s a USB device.
“A connection to the remote computer could not be established” error message
(USB Devices Only)
  • Open the Telstra Connection Manager Software
  • Select Internet from the list and click Default
  • Close and restart the Telstra Connection Manager Software
  • Now try to reconnect.
“No USIM inserted” or “Limited Service” error message
  • Wi-Fi devices: Press and hold the power button
  • USB devices: Disconnect and reconnect to your computer
  • Make sure your SIM has been activated and installed correctly.

Good to know:

  • To connect, your device needs to be compatible with the Telstra Mobile Network Look for the IMEI number, which is usually on the back of the device, then check its compatibility
  • If your device didn't self-install, you can install it manually by downloading the Getting Started Guide
  • Telstra pre-paid devices are locked to the Telstra Mobile Network, so non-Telstra SIMs won’t work in them.

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