Troubleshooting Data Packs


If I‘m on a really old plan, can I still get unlimited standard local and national calls?

Yes. Even if you’re on an old plan like a Member Plan, when you buy a Data Pack you’ll still get unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers.

Data Packs operate within Australia and do not cover International Direct Dialling (IDD) calls, calls made while overseas (also referred to as International Roaming) or calls to Premium numbers.


Can I share my unlimited standard local and national calls with other services?

No, your pack call allowance only applies to the service you purchased the pack for.

You can however share your data allowance with other eligible services on the same billing account.


What if I have an old Data Pack and I want a new pack with unlimited standard local and national calls?

No problem. You can remove your old pack at any time and add a new one with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Australia to standard Australian numbers.

Remember you’ll pay the full amount for your new Data Pack regardless of when in your bill cycle you buy it. So you may want to upgrade your pack at the start your next billing cycle.


What if I have already gone over my plan’s call allowance before I add the Data pack?

You’ll get the call, SMS and MMS inclusions when you add the pack, but only from the time you add the pack; you will still be charged for any calls, SMS or MMS in excess of your plan’s allowance which you made before adding the pack.


If I remove the Data Pack do I still get my plan’s normal call allowance?

Yes. Included calls and messages made while the pack is active on your service will not count towards your plan’s normal call, SMS or MMS allowance. So, even if you’ve had the Data Pack since the start of your bill cycle, your plan’s call and message allowance for calls included in your plan will still be there when you remove it.


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