You may have multiple payments in a month depending on the products or services you have.  Services on Upfront plans are charged individually based on when you signed up for them.

Here are some services that you may be charged on separate dates:

  • Upfront Mobile plans and Data plans
  • Device on repayments
  • Upfront Internet plans
  • Entertainment extras.

Upfront Mobile plans and Data plans

Each Upfront plan, including Data plans, is charged on the same date of every month. This is typically based on the date that you initially signed up to Telstra. If you’ve taken up a device on a repayment with your first Upfront plan, these payments will be on the same date. 

Device on Repayment

If you have an existing Upfront plan and you’re simply adding a new device on repayment to that plan, the payment date for your device will be based on when you receive the device. 

Upfront Internet plans

The monthly payment date for Upfront Internet plans is based on when the service is activated. This may be different to your existing payment date for any other Upfront plans that you already have. 

Entertainment Extras

The entertainment extras (such as Netflix, Kayo, Binge etc) are charged separately per subscription, on a monthly basis. The monthly payment date for these will be based on the date that you signed up.

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