AutoPay payments are made on the same date each month. You may have multiple payment dates in a month, depending on what products you’ve got with Telstra and when you signed up for them.

Your first payment for an upfront plan is made on the day you purchase or switch to that plan. The date you receive your SIM (if you are a new Telstra mobile customer) or the date you switch to this plan (if you are an existing Telstra Mobile customer) becomes your 'monthly payment date'.

For example, if you signed up to a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan in a Telstra Store on the 5th day of the month, this will be your monthly payment date and you’ll be charged on the 5th of every month, for your plan. 

  • If you add a new phone or tablet on repayment, the monthly payment date will be the date you receive your new device.  For example, in

    Scenario 1 - if you add a new phone to your initial order in a Telstra Store, the repayments for this device will also be on the 5th. One single AutoPay payment will be made and you'll receive one digital receipt showing both costs. 

    Scenario 2 - if you add a new phone or tablet on repayment at a later date, you may have multiple payment dates each month. The monthly payment date for a new phone or tablet is determined by the date you receive it, so if you pay for your plan on the 5th of every month but add a new phone on the 20th, you'll have to make 2 AutoPay payments each month – one on the 5th for your plan and one on the 20th for your phone. You can easily track these upcoming payments in the My Telstra app.

  • If you have multiple plans on your account, these plans will always have the same monthly payment date, regardless of when the SIM was received. This means your plans will be able to data share and a single AutoPay payment will be made on your monthly payment date.
  • If you continue to receive a bill for Telstra services (such as your nbn connection or home phone), your bill will show a due date. This due date may be different to the monthly payment date of your upfront plans paid by AutoPay, so you may have multiple payments in a month. 

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