What's my billing period and how do the charges work?

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    When you become a Telstra customer and receive a bill for your service, we allocate you a specific date of the month when your billing period starts.

    For example, if we start your billing period on the 5th of each month, you’ll be charged from the 5th of that month to the 4th of the next month. This billing period won’t ever change, even if you take up a new plan or service.  

    If you’re on a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan, you'll have a monthly payment period.

    For example, if you join a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan on the 5th, you'll be charged on the 5th every single month. The date of your payment will never change unless the monthly payment date falls on a date that isn’t in each month (such as the 31st). In this instance, you'll be charged the following day.

    If you receive a bill for your Telstra service, you can find your monthly billing period on the first page of your Telstra bill. It looks like this:

    Example billing period screenshot: Billing period: 05 May to 04 June, Billing issued: 09 June 2019

    Bill Issued simply refers to the date we issued the bill to you. It’s not the end of your monthly billing period, and it’s not the Due Date to pay your bill.

    Your Bill Due Date is on the first page of your bill. We allow you approximately 14 days from the Bill Issue Date to pay your bill.

    If you're on a subscription mobile plan, you can find your monthly charge date under 'Payments' in My Telstra.

    More about billing and charges

    Using the above example dates, here are the charges and payments you’ll see in a typical month:

    • All your phone usage (calls and texts) from 5 May to 4 June
    • Any one-off (non-recurring) charges applied to your account between 5 May and 4 June
    • All recurring charges which are billed a full month in advance, such as your monthly plan fees
    • Any payments you made towards your previous (May) invoice – provided they landed in our system by 4 June. For example, if you paid your May bill on 3 June and the payment hadn't landed in our billing system by 4 June, then your payment wouldn’t appear on the June bill.

    Watch our video on How to understand billing charges.

    A part month charge (also called a pro rata charge) appears on your bill when you start a new plan or service part way through your billing period. It covers the days you used your service before your next monthly billing period starts.

    Part month charges also appear when you alter your existing service in between billing periods. For example, if you added or changed a service on the 1st of the month, but your billing period starts on the 5th, you’ll see two charges on your bill – a part month charge from the 1st to the 4th, and the month in advance charge, starting from the 5th.

    Diagram illustrating part month charge or pro rata charge - including your service, your billing cycle and your pro rata charge

    This is so you only get billed at the new rate for days you used your service, not for the whole month. You are not being charged twice for the same thing – one charge follows on from the other.

    Remember, a part month charge only appears on your bill after a service has been changed or a new service activated.

    If you decide to cancel or change your services, you’ll be credited with any unused days remaining in that particular billing period.

    If your bill includes a late payment fee of $15, it means:

    • One or more of your bills are overdue; and
    • The overdue amount is more than $70.

    You'll find a reference to late fees on the front page of your Telstra bill, below the total amount due. Find out more about common bill charges.

    Are there any exemptions?

    Yes, if you hold a Pensioner or Department of Veteran Affairs card, you're entitled to apply for an exemption. You'll need to register your details with us before this exemption can be applied.

    If you find you've been incorrectly charged with a late payment fee or if you're exempted and would like to request a refund, you can do this via My Account or the My Telstra app.

    If you are on a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan, you will need to pay by AutoPay. Your payment date will be the same date each month and you can view upcoming payments in My Telstra. You won't be charged a late payment fee if your AutoPay payment fails but you'll have to make a once off payment in My Telstra.

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