When you become a Telstra customer and receive a bill for your service, we allocate you a specific date of the month when your billing period starts.

For example, if we start your billing period on the 5th of each month, you’ll be charged from the 5th of that month to the 4th of the next month. This billing period won’t ever change, even if you take up a new plan or service.  

If you’re on a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan, you'll have a monthly payment period.

For example, if you join a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan on the 5th, you'll be charged on the 5th every single month. The date of your payment will never change unless the monthly payment date falls on a date that isn’t in each month (such as the 31st). In this instance, you'll be charged the following day.

If you receive a bill for your Telstra service, you can find your monthly billing period on the first page of your Telstra bill. It looks like this:


example billing period screenshot: Billing period: 05 May to 04 June, Billing issued: 09 June 2019

Bill Issued simply refers to the date we issued the bill to you. It’s not the end of your monthly billing period, and it’s not the Due Date to pay your bill.

Your Bill Due Date is on the first page of your bill. We allow you approximately 14 days from the Bill Issue Date to pay your bill.

If you’re on a subscription mobile plan, you can find your monthly charge date in the My Telstra app, under Payments.


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