Set up and manage.

Setting up Telstra Smart Home is easy.
Using the app, it takes just 15-20 minutes then
you can start installing your devices around your home.

Managing your smart home

Watch how to activate and install Telstra Smart Home, create alerts and automations and find out how to add new devices to your existing smart home. Or you can get help from one of our smart home experts.


Preparation (5-10 mins)



Getting connected (5-10 mins)

Once you’ve logged into the Telstra Smart Home® app, you’ll need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network.

> Connecting Wi-Fi


Once connected to your Wi-Fi, the app will walk you through the configuration process. If you’re having trouble connecting, first try and place the hub within 5 metres of your router.

> Setting up your Smart Home Hub


Adding devices (5 mins)

Go to Settings > My Devices > Add Devices > Any other device. The app will start searching for devices to add.
As each device is unique, please select a device below to see set up instructions.

> Cameras > Door and window sensors > Light bulbs >Thermostat >Power plug


Create automations and alerts

Automations bring your smart home to life. You can automate many common tasks to make it easier to manage your household.

To get started, we have a few ideas for inspiration below and you can also discuss this with other Telstra Smart Home® users on our Smart Home community board.


Monitor home access

Receive an SMS, begin recording and monitor your deliveries.


Control appliances

Turn household items on and off, such as the hair straightener or iron.


Watch your energy usage

Make sure the lights have been turned off once you’ve left home.


Pet check

See what your furry little friend is up to.


Check on the kids

Watch the kids arrive home from school on time.


Get help from Google

Ask Google to turn your compatible Telstra Smart Home® lights on and off using your voice and Google Nest.

Creating alerts

Creating alert

Automations can also send you alerts that tell you what’s going on in your home when you’re not there. For example, if the door sensor at the rear of the house picks up that the back door is open, it can send you an SMS. Need a picture of your backyard? Telstra Smart Home app can email it to you.

It’s easy to set up automations. The Telstra Smart Home app provides suggestions and can guide you step-by-step through creating your first automation or alert.

Creating alerts

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