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Smart Home Moments

Whether you’re after a little extra peace of mind that your home is okay when you’re away, or you want to automate your lighting and other simple appliances, Telstra Smart Home gives you an extra set of hands and an extra pair of eyes to help you and your family thrive.

Grab a starter kit and start your own Smart Home today.

Automation and energy starter kit    
Watch and monitor starter kit

Make your house a Smart Home

Check out our videos to find out how three very different Australian families have brought their home to life with Telstra Smart Home™.

Automation and energy kit

The Automation and Energy Kit helps makes Kate’s Monday morning rush a little less stressful. Between lunchbox packing and negotiating who’s on after-school pickup duty, Kate often rushes out the door without checking that the iron’s switched off.

By connecting her iron to a Smart Power Plug, Kate can check it’s turned off via the Telstra Smart Home App – and she if hasn’t, she can switch it off instantly – even when she’s at work.

Automation and energy kit

Telstra Smart Home - Automation and energy kit

Watch and monitor kit

The Watch and Monitor Starter Kit gives Matt peace of mind that his kids have made it home from school on time while he’s at work. Matt has set up a door sensor and indoor camera that takes a quick video when the kids open the front door in the afternoon.

When the Telstra Smart Home App emails it to Matt at work, he knows his kids are happy just by the look on their faces and the bounce in their steps. 

Watch and monitor kit

Telstra Smart Home - Watch and monitor kit


Smart light bulbs

Kate’s recently added Smart Light Bulbs to her Smart Home. The family are planning their annual overseas holiday – two weeks in Bali. Since they’ll be away for so long, it’s important to Kate that it still looks like her family is around.

She’s installed Smart Light Bulbs in the living room and set up automations to switch them on and off automatically. The lights switch on at the time the family would usually have dinner and watch TV, and turn off when everyone’s usually tucked in.

Smart light bulbs

Telstra Smart Home - Smart light bulbs


Outdoor Wi-Fi HD camera

Matt and Kate have welcomed a couple of new additions to their family, and Smart Home: Gracie the dog, and an Outdoor Wi-Fi HD camera. Kate loves checking in on Gracie’s adventures with the Telstra Smart Home App or Web Portal while she’s at work.

Now she can play the role of David Attenborough and observe Gracie as she explores the backyard and, hopefully, not digging too many holes.

Outdoor Wi-Fi HD camera

Telstra Smart Home - Outdoor Wi-Fi HD camera


Door and window sensors

Matt used to worry about forgetting to close the back door when he left for work. Most days, he’d swing back round to double check.

With the Automation and Energy Starter Kit, he’s installed a sensor on the back door so that he can check if the door is open or closed when he gets to work. If he’s forgotten, a quick phone call to his neighbour will set everything right.

Door and window sensors

Telstra Smart Home - Door and window sensors

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