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Home Protect IP - Wireless

Home Protect IP offers you an alarm monitoring service for homes that already have a security system.
Its features include:
  • 24/7 professional monitoring by the Telstra SNP Monitoring centre
  • A customisable alarm response
  • 1 x Telstra Secure wireless device, battery-backed which is tamper resistant 
  • A Security patrol car can be dispatched upon request, for an additional fee
  • Be nbnTM network-ready 
  • Automated 12-hourly connection check
  • Uses your alarm's battery backup during power outages 
Billing option 1: Pay for the secure wireless device over 24 months
$ 20
Telstra SNP Monitoring Service
$ 17
Secure wireless device

$37 a month for 24 months. Min cost $888


Billing option 2: Pay for the secure wireless device with your first bill
$ 20
Telstra SNP Monitoring Service
$ 408
Secure wireless device

$20 a month for 24 months. Min cost $480

  A Telstra Secure device wirelessly sends an alert to our Telstra SNP Monitoring centre when your home alarm is activated.
  An agent at our Telstra SNP Monitoring centre will call to notify you of the incident.
  A security patrol car can be dispatched to investigate if requested, for an additional fee.

Patrol car dispatch costs $75 for the first 20 minutes, and $15 for every subsequent 15 minutes.



Michelle's story

Suppose that Michelle has had a security system for three years, to protect her most prized assets – her family and her home. Michelle’s been notified that the nbn network will be rolled out in her area in the next 12 months which means her current alarm will be vulnerable to power outages.

Michelle could take up Home Protect IP so that her home alarm will be ready for her transition to the nbn network. She could pay for the Telstra Secure device over two years with monthly repayments and have peace of mind knowing that her service will be backed by the experience of Telstra SNP Monitoring. 


A certified security technician from Telstra SNP Monitoring will come to your house to install the Telstra Secure wireless device to ensure your Home Protect service is functioning correctly.

Dimensions for Telstra Secure device are: 100 mm x 175 mm x 35 mm


™ are trade marks and ® are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556. The alarm monitoring service and installation is provided by Telstra SNP Monitoring Pty. Ltd (TSM). Telstra Corp Security License Numbers: NSW 408064817, QLD 3926974, ACT 17502335, VIC 653-608-61S (lic); 653-608-40S (reg), WA: SA51399, SA: ISL 267566, NT: 347. TSM Security License Numbers: NSW 000101018, ACT 17502283, VIC 874-798-31S / 874-798-10S, QLD 3709952, WA: SA49240, SA: 262413, TAS: 20607, NT: 348.

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