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Telstra Smart Home™

Home Protect:
security you can trust

Home Protect offers you an alarm monitoring service for homes that already have a security system.

Our Home Protect services connect your home alarm system to our security monitoring centre, providing you with a 24/7 back-to-base alarm monitoring service.

A strong tradition of home security

Telstra has partnered with SNP Security to form Telstra SNP Monitoring. SNP Security has more than 90 years of security experience, and is Australian owned and operated.


Home Protect IP - Wireless

Home Protect IP provides you with 24/7 back-to-base alarm monitoring and a security patrol car can be promptly dispatched upon request, for an additional fee.

Your Telstra Secure device is professionally fitted to your existing home alarm system to provide a wireless connection to the Telstra SNP Monitoring centre.

Our professional monitoring service is great value at $20 per month plus a $408 one off charge if you choose to pay for the Telstra Secure device upfront, or $37 per month if you pay for it in monthly instalments. Min cost $888 for 24 months.

Home Protect IP is backed by the strength of the Telstra mobile network.


Why choose Home Protect IP - Wireless?

     Continue using your existing alarm system when moving to the nbn™ network
  Professional monitoring from only $20/month plus $408 upfront, or $37/month. Min cost $888 for 24 months.
  Be nbn network-ready
    Included on your Telstra bill
  A security patrol car can be dispatched to your house if requested, for an additional fee
  Peace of mind with automated alarm tests every 12 hours
  No back-to-base call charges

Moving to the nbn network?

If you have a service on the nbn network and experience a power outage you’ll lose your nbn network connectivity. Although your alarm will sound, the alert won’t get back to the base security monitoring centre who monitor alarm activations. 

The wireless alarm will alert our back-to-base monitoring centre of the outage to help keep your home secure.

Home Protect IP uses your alarm’s back up battery to keep your home alarm connected to our security monitoring centre for up to 24 hours during power outages. Your alarm system will alert our back-to-base monitoring centre of the outage, to help keep your home secure.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I buy security monitoring from Telstra?


Telstra SNP Monitoring Pty Ltd (TSM) is the name of Telstra’s joint venture with SNP Security, the all-Australian security company with over 90 years of experience. TSM handles all security-related advice, connects the wireless IP device to your alarm panel, and is responsible for configuration, testing, training, alarm monitoring, service and support. 


Once we’ve connected your Home Protect service, you’ll need to contact your existing monitoring company to cancel the service you get from them.


In some cases, we may need to fit an external antenna to ensure that you’ll have sufficient signal coverage for our Home Protect IP service. In the worst case, we’ll talk to you about other connectivity alternatives.


Because it uses frequent polling, any fault or compromise of the mobile connection will be detected in less than 12 hours. Wireless is also tamper resistant, unlike wired connections that can be physically cut or unplugged by intruders.  


Home Protect IP provides a wireless connection and alarm-compatible, tamper-resistant communications which comply with Australian security standards. In contrast, connection to the nbn voice port is incompatible with some alarms, which may result in unreliable monitoring, limited or no nbn battery backup in the event of a power outage.


Telstra SNP Monitoring provides professional installation of the Telstra Secure device. If you have any questions, please contact Telstra SNP Monitoring on 1300 184 897 or customer_solutions@telstrasnp.com.au




™ are trade marks and ® are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556. The alarm monitoring service and installation is provided by Telstra SNP Monitoring Pty. Ltd (TSM). Telstra Corp Security License Numbers: NSW 408064817, QLD 3926974, ACT 17502335, VIC 653-608-61S (lic); 653-608-40S (reg), WA: SA51399, SA: ISL 267566, NT: 347. TSM Security License Numbers: NSW 000101018, ACT 17502283, VIC 874-798-31S / 874-798-10S, QLD 3709952, WA: SA49240, SA: 262413, TAS: 20607, NT: 348.

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