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Lockwood Smart Lock

Unlock your door remotely for guests, tradespeople or deliveries and never stress about forgetting your keys again. Watch the video to see how it works.


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Set up and overview

Using the App and Web Portal


No need to leave the keys under the doormat

Matt and Kate are getting some renovations done, but they’ve both had to duck away for a few hours. Their carpenter, Graeme, is on his way so they won’t be there to let him in. But, Matt is a Smart Home master and he’s got an Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera set up on his front veranda and a Lockwood Door Lock. When Graeme arrives, Matt can see him on his Telstra Smart Home App via the camera feed and can unlock the door for him, even when he’s out and about – Graeme’s renovations stay on track.  

Bring your Smart Home to life

The key to having a Smart Home is creating automations. An automation is an instruction that tells a Smart Home device what to do and when to do it  It's easy to set up automations in the Telstra Smart Home App or Web Portal. For example,

  • Unlock or lock your door for friends, family or guests when you’re away from home
  • See who’s at the door with an Indoor Wi-Fi HD Camera or Outdoor Wi-Fi HD Camera before you unlock it
  • Give friends, family or guests unique PIN codes so they can let themselves in if you’re away.


Download the app

Smart Home app available in App Store
Smart Home app available in Google Play

Professional installation of a device

  • The professional installation of additional smart home devices incurs a call out fee of $96, plus additional charges for each device.
  • The professional installation includes the pairing of devices, basic placement of devices around your home (not mounting a device on the wall or ceiling), demonstration on how to use Smart Home and the Smart Home App and setting up automations.
  • Customised installations including cabling runs, cable concealment and wall or ceiling mounting of cameras. The additional charges for a customised installation will be quoted by the technician when on-site.


We recommend installation by a qualified locksmith. We can arrange this for you.

We recommend installation within 20m of the Smart Home Hub.

To book an installation appointment call us on 13 22 00 and select
Option 1.


  • Front Keypad Dimensions: 121 x 65 x 19mm
  • Rear Dimensions: 170 x 74 x 55 mm
  • Device weight: 1.247Kg
  • Communications: via ZigBee


You’ll need a Watch and monitor or Automation and energy starter kit to use this device.

The Lockwood Smart Lock will fit doors between 35mm-44.5 mm depth. It will need a 54mm hole drilled through it to house the mechanical components of the lock. To confirm your door is suitable, print Lockwood Smart Lock fitting PDF and follow the instructions.

See a full list of technical requirements and compatibility.

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