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Telstra Smart Home™

Be at home, even
when you're away.

Welcome to a system of connected smart devices all under your command. Manage your home from your phone with our simple, secure app with easy-to-install devices, all supported by Telstra.


New to Smart Home? Choose your starter kit

Automation and Energy Starter Kit

Conserve energy and automate your home with smart power plugs, sensors for your doors or windows and a motion sensor. Create automations to automatically have your appliances, lamps or lights turn on and off when you open a door or enter a room.


$25 per month
for 24 months. Minimum cost $600


Watch and Monitor Starter Kit

Keep an eye on your home, family and pets with a camera and sensors for your doors or windows. Create automations to take pictures or videos and alert you if there’s unexpected activity around your home while you’re away.


$25 per month
for 24 months. Minimum cost $600


Customise your Smart Home with additional devices.

Once you have a starter kit, customise your Smart Home with our certified additional devices.


Keep an eye on your home – record HD videos and take pictures on demand, or with your automations.


Manage your energy usage by switching your lights on and off remotely, or with an automation.


From the front door to the iron and your heating and cooling system - make your entire home a Smart Home.


Take your automations to the next level with sensors - use them to trigger an automation or send you an alert when movement is detected.

Whether you’d like to be notified when someone’s at the front door, or you’d like to automate your lighting and other simple appliances, Telstra Smart Home can give you an extra set of hands and an extra pair of eyes to help you and your family thrive.

Why Telstra Smart Home?

Imagine knowing what’s going on at home when you’re not there. Make it look like your family’s around when you’re away on holidays. Or, check that the iron is turned off and the front door is locked when you’re out and about.

How does Telstra Smart Home work?

Telstra Smart Home lets your connected cameras, lights and sensors talk to each other to bring your home to life. The Telstra Smart Home App lets you create automations that switch simple devices on and off, with alerts to keep you updated.

Make your house a Smart Home
Check out our videos to find out how three very different Australian families have brought their homes to life with Telstra Smart Home.

Questions about Smart Home? We can help.

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