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Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything you need to know about the up-coming changes to free-to-air broadcasting.

Telstra will soon be updating the way we broadcast free-to-air TV to our customers in Velocity areas.

If you’re in an affected area, you’ll need to re-tune your TV after the broadcasting change to restore all your free-to-air channels

Who will it affect?

If you live in a Telstra Velocity area and get free-to-air TV via a Velocity outlet you’ll need to re-tune your TV in order to regain all your free-to-air channels.

If you’re not in a Telstra Velocity area, or have your TV equipment connected to an external antenna, you won’t be affected.

When will it happen?

The broadcast change will be happening at different times around the country. Check the table to see when it will occur in your state. You’ll need to re-tune your TV after this date to regain your channels.

Western Australia 10 November 2015
New South Wales
South Australia
Northern Territory
17 November 2015
Victoria 24 November 2015
Queensland 1 December 2015

How do I re-tune my TV or equipment?

  1. On your remote control for your digital TV, set-top-box or digital TV recorder, press the menu button
  2. Select set-up options
  3. Then select channels or auto-tuning. A scanning bar may appear. Once the scan has finished all your channels should be restored

If you need further information for your specific model check the guide or manual that came with your equipment.

What channels will be affected by the broadcast change?

ABC and SBS channels will be affected for all local areas. Other channels will vary depending on your location.

Will I lose any of my channels when I re-tune my TV?

No. You’ll regain all the free-to-air TV channels you had before the broadcast change.

What should I do if prompted for a code when re-tuning my equipment?

If you haven’t set a code, try the default manufacturing codes 0000 or 1234. These should work in most instances. If they don’t you’ll need to check the guide or manual that came with your equipment.

What if I need more help or information to re-tune my TV?

The best thing to do is check the manufacturer’s guide or manual that came with your equipment. Alternatively you can call us on 1800 008 994, Option 3 Monday to Sunday: 7am to Midnight AEST.