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Update your account with Your Telstra Tools.

Use Your Telstra Tools to make updates to your account. Go paperless, update your personal details, add direct debits and more.

Steps via Your Telstra Tools:

  1. Log into Your Telstra Tools
  2. Click on Turn electronic bill on or off
  3. On the Delivery method drop-down menu and select email
  4. Click on the Update button

You will now switch from paper to email bill.

For non Your Telstra Tools customers, please submit the email bill request form.

You can change your email address for email bill here. If your billing cycle is close to your request date, you may receive one further email bill via your old email address.


Steps via Your Telstra Tools:

  1. Log into Your Telstra Tools
  2. Click on Turn electronic bill on or off
  3. On the Bill format drop-down menu, choose Your summary bill or Your detailed bill
  4. Click on the Update button

You will now switch from 'summary to detailed bill' or from 'detailed to summary bill'.

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When you set up direct debit you can choose to make  full payment, part payment or a one off payment.

If you are a Your Telstra Tools customer, you can modify your direct debit options online via your billing page.

Your Telstra services can be transferred to an individual or, where available, to a business. The transfer must be agreed to by you and the intended recipient. You can transfer all or some of the services on your account.

Tip: check your ABN/ACN by using the ABN search tool.

Choose the transfer which suits your needs:

You can limit the level of access granted to the person(s) you’ve nominated to speak on your behalf. For assistance,start a Live Chat with one of our consultants.

If you've changed your name (e.g. marriage or deed poll) we need to verify your identity, so we can't process your name change online. Please visit your nearest Telstra Store to process the change of name on your account.

For small business customers, please call 132000 and say 'disconnect my service' when prompted.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough, so we've made cancelling or transferring their Telstra services as simple as possible for you. Visit our online Bereavement Support FAQ for more information.

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