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Telstra Platinum® for Business

Be ‘that’ Business® with 24/7 tech support.

Get expert help and advice with your devices, systems and software - whether it’s Telstra tech or not. We’re online and on call 24/7 for just $40 a month.

Services are not available for some devices and software. Cost of any software/ hardware not included. Tech Bar Support not included. Data charges may apply. Fair Use Policy applies.

Sales: 1800 885 126   Service: 13 70 55   Live Chat


Why get tech help from Telstra Platinum® for Business?


One low fee to support your IT

IT help can quickly get expensive. Platinum gives you unlimited tech help for a flat monthly fee.

For Telstra and non-Telstra tech

We help set up and support your business tech, whether it’s Telstra or not.

24/7 access to experts

Get tech help night or day, online or on call. And get your business back up to speed fast. 

No obligation, no risk

You can ask for help even if you’re not a member. If we can’t solve it, you won’t need to pay the monthly fee. Conditions apply*.

Our Platinum for Business Plan



What technical issues can Telstra Platinum® for Business help with?

Here are some of the technical issues we can help with:

See list of issues we can provide support or advice on



Internet and networks

Email setup and troubleshooting

Storage and backup

Mobile and landline calls

Device, apps and hardware

eCommerce support

Web support

Security and protection

Learn more about business technology and how we can help your business thrive

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Remote Login

Your IT expert may ask to access your computer remotely in order to help you with an issue.
Use this panel to initiate the next steps.

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Questions about Telstra PlatinumⓇ for Business? We can help.

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