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  • Call Waiting

    You don’t have to miss a call (and wonder who it was) just because you’re already on the phone. With Call Waiting, you’ll hear a discrete ‘bip-bip’ tone every five seconds so that you know there’s another call coming in.

    You can simply excuse yourself and put the first caller on hold while you answer the second call, then switch between calls as often as you like. You can end either call whenever you’re ready.

    Call Waiting is turned on automatically as part of most Telstra phone services, so it’s probably ready for you to use on your phone right now.

    How do I use it?

    • To answer an incoming call or switch between calls:

    • call-waiting-answer

    • To hang up one call and return to the other:

    • call-waiting-hang-up

    • To reject an incoming call:

    • call-waiting-reject

    • To turn on Call Waiting:

    • call-waiting-turn-on

    • To turn off Call Waiting:

    • call-waiting-turn-off


    Anything else I need to know?

    • Once Call Waiting is turned on, it stays on unless you switch it off.
    • Call Waiting won’t work during a 3-Way Chat call.


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