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  • How do I troubleshoot a problem with my business phone on the nbn™ network?

    You can follow the video guides below to learn more on how to perform basic troubleshooting functions should you have a problem with your internet or phone connection.


    How to troubleshoot your internet and phone services on ADSL & nbn™ (FTTB & FTTN connections)

    How to troubleshoot your internet and phone services on nbn™ FTTP, FW & HFC connections


    Try these troubleshooting tips if you can’t make or receive calls on your business phone on the nbn network.

    1. Check for outages
    2. Before you try anything else, check for outages on our Service Status page.

      This page will show whether your service is affected and when you can expect it to be restored.

      If there are no outages…

    3. Try these troubleshooting steps
      1. Make sure you have properly hung up any:
        • analogue phone handsets
        • EFTPOS terminals
        • HICAPS terminals
        • fax machines
      2. For IP phones check the screen for connection errors
      3. Make sure all cables are securely connected to the correct port on your:
        • Gateway
        • Integrated Access Device
        • Switch, or
        • nbn equipment
      4. Make sure all your devices have power
    4. If your cables are secure, you have power and your phone still isn’t working…

    5. Restart your Gateway
      1. Press the on/off button on the back
      2. All the status lights will turn off
      3. Wait 30 seconds
      4. Press the button again
      5. Wait for the Gateway to power up again. This can take up to five minutes
      6. Check the lights on your Gateway to see if it’s working
      7. Try to make a call
    6. If you have a Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), Fixed Wireless or HFC connection and you still can’t make calls:

    7. Restart your nbn equipment
      1. Turn off the power point that your nbn power supply is plugged into
      2. Remove the power cable from your nbn equipment and wait 30 seconds
      3. If you have a battery backup power supply unit:
        1. Open the front cover
        2. Disconnect the RED Positive (+) plug from the battery
        3. Disconnect the BLACK Negative (-) plug from the battery
        4. Wait 30 seconds
        5. Connect the BLACK Negative (-) to the battery
        6. Connect the RED Positive (+) to the battery
        7. Replace the front cover
      4. Reconnect the cable to the nbn equipment and turn the power back on
      5. Wait 1 – 2 minutes
      6. You should see these lights:
        • FTTP connections:
          • Power - green
          • Optical – green
          • Alarm – green
          • UNI-D – amber or green
        • Fixed Wireless:
          • Power - green
          • Status - flashing green
          • ODU – green
          • Signal Strength – red, amber or green
        • HFC:
          • All lights should be green

    Not sure what type of nbn connection you have?

    Check your nbn connection here.

    What do the lights on my Gateway mean?

    Netgear v7610

    netgear v7610


    LED or button LED Activity Meaning
    Power LED around Telstra Logo Solid blue Power is on and Gateway is working
    Off No power to Gateway
    Internet LED Solid blue
    • Physical WAN port connected 
    • Username and password authenticated 
    • Public IP address assigned
    Flashing Orange Authentication of username and password in progress
    • Physical WAN port is not connected
    • Mobile Broadband not active
    Solid Red
    • Physical WAN port connected
    • Authentication of username and password unsuccessful
    Flashing Red Operating in mobile fail over mode
    WAN LED Solid Blue WAN port connected successfully to DSL or the nbn network
    Flashing Orange Layer 2 WAN interface connection in progress
    Off Physical WAN port is not connected
    LED on Ethernet port on back Amber  Data is transmitting at 10Mbps
    Green Data is transmitting at 1Gbps
    Phone LED Solid Blue
    • Phone is working on Broadworks platform
    • Authentication successful for all SIP users 
    Flashing Orange Broadworks is connecting 
    Off Registered SIP is disabled
    Wi-Fi On/Off Button Press the Wi-Fi button for at least 3 seconds to turn Wi-Fi on or off
    Solid Blue Wi-Fi service is on and available on 2.4GHz and 5GHz 
    Flashing Orange Data is transmitting
    Off Wi-Fi service is disabled 
    WPS Button Press this button to start WPS connection mode. This mode lasts 2 minutes 
    Solid Blue WPS connection established
    Flashing Orange WPS pairing in progress 
    Solid Red WPS not connected successfully
    Off WPS is disabled or not initiated
    DECT Button This button will work with a future software update 

    Netgear DevG2020


    LED or button LED Activity Meaning
    Internet LED Solid Red
    • Physical WAN port connected
    • No public IP address assigned
    Solid Green
    • Physical WAN port connected
    • Public IP address assigned
    Solid or Flashing Amber Mobile broadband active
    • Physical WAN port not connected
    • Mobile broadband not active
    LAN LED Solid Green LAN port is connected at 1000 Mbps
    Flashing Green Data is transmitting
    Flashing Amber LAN port is connected and data is transmitting at 10Mbps
    Solid Amber LAN port is connected and data is transmitting at 100 Mbps
    Off No link is detected on these ports
    WAN LED Solid Green WAN port is connected 
    Flashing Green Data is sending and receiving
    Off Physical WAN port not connected
    USB LED Solid Green Data transmitting
    Flashing Green Data transmitting
    Off USB device disconnected
    PSTN LED Solid Green PSTN line detected
    Flashing Green Incoming or outgoing calls in progress
    Off No PSTN line detected
    Wi-Fi LED Solid Green Wireless access point operating
    Flashing Green Data transmitting
    Off Wireless access point disabled
    DECT LED Solid Green DECT active
    Flashing Green Incoming or outgoing calls in progress
    Off DECT disabled
    Voice LED Solid Green nbn Phone service is active and registered with the SIP server
    Flashing Green
    • Voice data transmitting
    • At least one phone off hook / in use
    Off nbn phone service either not registered or disabled
    DSL LED Solid Green ADSL port connected to your ISP
    Flashing Green ADSL port synchronizing with your ISP
    • Unit off
    • No IP connection
    Power On/Off LED Solid Red Power-on self-test in progress
    Flashing Red Firmware upgrading
    Solid Green Gateway is operating normally
    Off No power to Gateway 
    USB Port Solid Green Data transmitting
    Flashing Green Data transmitting
    Off USB device disconnected
    Wireless button and LED Turns Wi-Fi on and off
    WPS button and LED Solid Green WPS connection established
    Flashing Green WPS pairing in progress
    Off WPS disabled

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