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Businessline plans for almost any line of business

When it comes to office phone plans, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer flexible and scalable plans to help meet your communication needs.

Do you run a small business that requires nothing more than a basic office phone plan? Or perhaps yours is the type of business that makes a lot of calls and therefore demands greater certainty over costs?

Whatever the case, we’ve got a BusinessLine plan for you. In addition, you can add an internet or faxing service that uses the same fixed line. You can also add optional extras that are included in your monthly access fee such as Call Waiting, Call Return, 3-Way Chat, plus many more. To order any of the following plans call 13 2000.

Optional Extras

When you sign up for a BusinessLine plan, you can add optional extras at an additional charge to make life a little easier for you and your customers. These extras include MessageBank®, Smart Ring which assigns different ring tones for different types of customers, Abbreviated Dialling for frequently called numbers as well as many others.

Monthly charge $6.00

MessageBank Virtual

A personal answering service that doesn’t require a phone line. You can divert your calls to the virtual mailbox number and give the number to callers so they can leave you messages directly.

Monthly charge $6.00

MessageBank Away

Leave customers an information message on this greeting-only service when you’re closed for holidays, moving or renovating.

Monthly charge $16.50
Connection fee $44.00

Line Hunt

If your main number is busy, Line Hunt automatically connects your calls to the next available line.

Monthly charge per line $5.50
Connection fee $46.20
Group add/change (each time) $46.20

Abbreviated Dialling

This feature saves you the time and trouble of dialling frequently called numbers. It’s also a convenient way for trusted staff members to make calls normally blocked by your Call Control.

Charge per month, for the first 1 to 60 numbers $3.00

Smart Ring

Assign different ring tones to different groups of callers – so you can tailor your greeting when you answer.

Monthly charge $4.40

Multiple Number

Get a second office number without the cost of a second line. Then add a distinct ringtone so you can identify and handle your calls appropriately.

Monthly charge $6.00

Duet Phone & Fax Multiple Number

Set up a separate fax line on your existing phone service. You’ll gain a dedicated line for incoming and outgoing faxes with its own distinct number – but without the costs of installing a second phone line.

Monthly charge $6.00

Never Busy Fax

Never miss a message. Get your faxes by email when your machine is busy or out of paper.

Rental $5.50 per month
Auto-notification 27.5c per notification
Transferred or automatically delivered 27.5c per page
Fax to email delivery 27.5c per 0.5MB per message