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Convenience is key in business

In business you don’t always have time to listen to voice messages, but reading them is easy.

With Voice2Text your voice messages are converted to text and sent straight to your mobile as an SMS, with no need for you to dial into your MessageBank®.

You can either SMS a reply or return the call directly from the message.

Features and Benefits

Time Saving

SMS message notifications save you from dialling 101 to access your voice messages.


Voice messages are saved for 7 days, to listen to the original voice message dial 101


Read messages discreetly in meetings or at noisy locations


Text messages contain the caller ID so you can see at a glance who called



Converted messages from Voice2Text will be in quotation marks and marked with 101 Voice2Text at the end.


We'll send you a SMS notification that the voice message cannot be converted to text and to dial 101 MessageBank to listen to the voice message. All voice messages are marked as Read in when you dial MessageBank - so you’ll hear your most recent voicemail first. Messages are attached to the caller’s number so you can call or text back.


The speech-to-text process cannot always convert every word. If a conversion is uncertain, it will be marked with a (?) or _____.


Yes, as with normal text messages, when travelling overseas Voice2Text will work, but only if you’re roaming. In some cases you may need to dial #101# from overseas to retrieve your messages (additional charges may apply). 


If the person calling is using a Private or Withheld number, the text message will come from 'Private'. Voice2Text messages from private numbers will still come through, but the call back number will be blocked and you won’t be able to text back. 


Voice2Text is an add-on to MessageBank.  It uses MessageBank to receive the deposited voicemail from a caller - so MessageBank is required to set up first before Voice2Text service can be used. MessageBank Standard is provided to all Telstra Post-Paid mobile customers by default at no charge. If you do not have an existing MessageBank mailbox it’ll be automatically set up when you activate Voice2Text, don’t forget set up your personalised greeting.


No. If you're already using a different MessageBank product and choose to switch to Voice2Text, you won't lose your existing personal greeting or saved voicemails. Once Voice2Text is set up, callers will hear an additional greeting 'Voice2Text will send a voicemail as a text' after the personal greeting.


Dial 101 and select option 3 to access the MessageBank mailbox settings, then select option 1 and follow the prompts to review and change your voicemail greeting. You can record a greeting up to five minutes in length.