Manage Mobile Devices with ease

With so many devices now connected to corporate systems, device management has never been more complex and time consuming.


Free 30 day Mobile Device Management trial

Telstra customers with a mobile account number can elect to trial the Telstra Mobile Device Management portal for a period of 30-days. The trial period starts when you first receive your T-MDM login.

Check you have at least one iOS, Android or Windows 10 device.

You must know your 10 digit Telstra mobile account number to complete this form.

Request T-MDM

We'll verify your account details and send you a welcome email with your login details.  The 30 day trial period starts when you first receive the welcome email and T-MDM login.

After the 30-day trial period you’ll automatically be moved to a fully paid service and charges begin.

To opt-out of the fully paid service, simply de-register all trial users and devices on the T-MDM portal and no charges will be applied.

If the trial is successful and you want to continue using the paid T-MDM service, just continuing using the service as you were during the trial and you’ll automatically be charged for client access licences (CALs) to your nominated Telstra mobile account.  You might like to speak with a Telstra sales representative or dealer about the best pricing options because by connecting your devices on eligible Telstra mobile plans you can save on client access licence fees.


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Activating Device

Create an online account with the device manufacturer:

create an Apple deployment program account at
create a Samsung KNOX mobile enrolment account at

Have a compatible mobile device management platform like T-MDM and configure this platform for device enrolment. It is your MDM platform that pushes all the settings, policies and applications to the devices when they are powered up.

You will need to supply your Telstra Mobile account number and Customer ID from the device manufacturer.

Request DES Account

Please note: Use Telstra’s ResellerID 1A586DA0 to setup your online account


Contact the Support Team during business hours

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Activating device

Activating Mobile Network Security

Follow these steps to activate Telstra Mobile Network Security.

Complete an online application requesting access to the Telstra Order Express Portal.

Request access

A welcome email will be sent with a login to OrderExpress (allow 48 business hours to receive this email after submitting the application).

Using the OrderExpress shopping cart order Telstra Mobile Network Security for one or more Telstra mobile postpaid services.

Within 24 hours the order will be completed and monitoring of all registered devices will begin. You will automatically receive access to security tools in the OrderExpress console.

Activating zIPS

The zIPS application is deployed using your T-MDM platform.

The zIPS application will automatically appear in your T-MDM enterprise catalogue.  Users can download the application directly from the T-MDM application catalogue as required, or alternatively you can include zIPS in your company IT policy and have it automatically pushed to devices. 


Contact the Support Team during business hours

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