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Protect your valuable
business assets

Insure your mobile phone or tablet
against loss, damage or theft.

Premium Care Mobile Insurance

As a Telstra business customer, you may be eligible for Telstra Premium Care – Mobile Insurance, which offers protection in the event your mobile phone or tablet is stolen or accidentally lost or damaged. 

To be eligible:

  • You must be a Telstra Business or Telstra Enterprise and Government customer
  • You must have a Telstra Post-Paid mobile or tablet with an approved Post-Paid device1
  • The mobile or tablet must have been purchased in the last six months through a Telstra store, Telstra dealer or Account Representative (with proof of purchase)
  • The mobile or tablet must be on the Telstra network


Basic Cover

  • Provides cover for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft of your mobile phone.

Smart Cover

Provides cover for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft of your mobile phone or tablet, as well as mechanical or electronic breakdown or failure in some circumstances.

Smart Cover is the only cover option available for smartphones (all iPhone models and generally phones with a touch screen and/or QWERTY keyboard) and 3G and 4G tablets (excludes Wi-Fi only tablets).

For a list of mobile devices eligible for Telstra Premium Care - Mobile Insurance, view our range of mobile phones and tablets.

Extra Benefits3 from Telstra:

Both Basic Cover and Smart Cover include the following benefits from Telstra at no additional cost.

  • Priority repair from our National Repair Centre
  • Device replacement if it's repaired under warranty more than twice within a 24-month period since purchase
  • Annual device health check service at selected Telstra Stores – 1 per year for Basic Cover and 2 per year for Smart Cover
  • Priority access to a loan phone at Telstra Stores (tablets not included)

Before deciding on your cover, read the Financial Services Guide / Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 401kB) for more details, including terms and conditions that apply.


Premium amounts will appear on your Telstra mobile bill each month.

Cover Choices


Premium Care Basic Cover

Premium Care Smart Cover

Monthly Premium (inc. taxes and charges) $9.95 $14.95
Cover Limit – Australia
Repair or replacement for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft* Up to $1,000 Up to $2,000
Cover Limits – Overseas
Repair or replacement for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft*
(must be arranged through Telstra on return to Australia)
Up to $400 Up to $800
And a choice of either
Cost to hire an equivalent temporary device while overseas Up to $300 Up to $500
Purchase of an emergency handset while overseas Up to $50 Up to $100
Device accessories replacement
(where attached / part of handset under valid claim)
Up to $50 Up to $100
Unauthorised calls / Internet connections
(following theft or accidental loss for the 24 hour period before notifying Telstra)
Up to $400 Up to $800
Mechanical / Electronic Breakdown or Failure*^ Not covered Up to $2000


All cover amounts above describe the maximum amount claimable under the cover type for any one event.


Claims Excess

Standard Excess – applies to all claims

  Premium Care Basic Cover Premium Care Smart Cover
Repairs $50 $75
Basic Device Replacement $100 $150
Smart Device Replacement N / A $250


Additional Excess – only applies in specific circumstances

  Premium Care Basic Cover Premium Care Smart Cover
Early Claims
Any claim made within 3 months from the date your policy is first issued.
$100 $150
Frequent Claims
For the second and all subsequent claims made within the same 12-month period.
$150 $250


To make a claim, call 1300 047 962.

Claims payable are subject to the terms of the Product Disclosure Statement.

You cannot make a claim for mechanical failure under Smart Cover if your mobile phone or tablet is still covered by a standard manufacturer's warranty or rights under consumer laws. In this case, please return your device to your nearest Telstra store or place of purchase for assistance, if your device is defective.

Alternately, to lodge an insurance claim, complete the online Claim Request Form and a claims Consultant will contact you for further information and assistance to settle your claim.

You will be required to provide certain details and fulfill certain conditions before your claim can be settled.


Insurance for your mobile: access your tax invoice online through the CGU Insurance Tax Invoice System.

You’ll need a user name and password to access the system. SMS your  Telstra mobile account number to 0448 829 829 from the mobile phone billed on that account (charges may apply). We will SMS you your user name and password.

Insurance for your tablet: contact our Mobile Insurance Specialist Team on 1800 304 568. You will then be sent your tax invoice for the period specified.


Telstra is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. Should you have an issue or a complaint about Premium Care – Mobile Insurance, we'll act to quickly and effectively resolve matters.

How your complaint will be managed

Step 1. Talk to Telstra first

Telstra will always aim to resolve your complaint in our first contact or response. However, if we need to investigate the matter, we'll aim to provide resolution or our action plan within 15 business days. We'll continue to provide you with regular updates so that you're aware of what's happening with your complaint.

Every complaint will be assigned a reference or 'SR' number, which you should quote in all further communications with us about your complaint. This number is your assurance that your complaint is being formally managed, and will help our consultants to access the details quickly if you call again. You should make a point of asking for an SR number in your first call.

See more information about How to make a complaint

Step 2. Have your complaint reviewed by the relevant CGU Insurance dispute resolution area.

If you're not satisfied with our investigation or resolution of your complaint, it will be escalated to CGU Insurance. CGU will treat your complaint as a 'Dispute' which will be managed by the relevant Dispute Resolution Area. A CGU staff member will liaise with you in relation to your dispute and review your dispute to provide you with a final decision in writing, usually within 15 business days.

Step 3. Seek an External Review of the decision

If you're unhappy with CGU's decision, you may want to seek an external review. The relevant dispute resolution area's letter outlining its decision will provide you with information on external review option(s), such as, if appropriate, referring you to the dispute resolution scheme run by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

You can contact FOS by:

Phone: 1300 780 808
Fax: 03 9613 6399
Mail: GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001