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Telstra Global Wi-Fi

Overseas on business, Telstra Global Wi-Fi service is a great complementary service to your international roaming. Available at over 13 million hotspots in places like hotels, restaurants and airports. Telstra Global Wi-Fi can be accessed from a range of selected countries.

When connected, you can easily manage bandwidth-heavy activities like large file downloads or video conferencing without consuming your international roaming data.

If you're not in range of the hotspots, you can still use international roaming to connect on pay as you go rates or a data plan. It's the ideal combination for the business traveler.

Get Connected

Connecting is simple.

  • Subscribe to Telstra Global Wi-Fi using this application form. You'll receive a welcome email when the account is active.
  • Before traveling, each user registers their company email address, downloads Wi-Fi software and configures your devices at Up to three devices can be configured per user.

Your access to Telstra Global Wi-Fi will be charged at $15 per user, per day.

For information on how to connect, check out the user guide.


Plans and Pricing

Only $15 per user, per day

  • Day Pass users get unlimited Wi-Fi access for 24 consecutive hours
  • No early termination fees for ending your access
  • Configure up to three devices at no additional cost

We’ve got enterprise pricing for organisations with many regular travellers. Talk to our sales team for more information.



  • Flexibility: Use Global Wi-Fi along with international roaming
  • Convenience: Access to over 13 million hotspots in selected countries when traveling overseas
  • Simplicity: Just register your company email, download the Wi-Fi software, configure your device and you’re ready to connect
  • Easy cost control: Quit counting the megabytes with unlimited Day Pass Wi-Fi access for 24 consecutive hours
  • Good Coverage: Connect to world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network spanning 120 countries and territories.
  • Monthly reporting: Details of your employees’ Global Wi-Fi usage

Devices compatible with Telstra Global Wi-Fi service:

  • Apple iOS (v6+)
  • Google Android (v2.3+)
  • Windows Phone (v8+)
  • Windows XP/7/8 laptops
  • Apple Mac 10.7+ laptops

Up to three devices per person can be connected at any one time.

For information on how to connect to the Global Wi-Fi hotspots, check out the user guide.

Need more help to connect? Contact us on


Where can you connect to the hotspots?
Check the iPass Wi-Fi hotspots locations and download a map before you travel at:
If you access data outside a Wi-Fi hotspot, including if you move out of range, you may incur standard international roaming charges.

How will my business be charged?
When you connect to Global Wi-Fi, you’ll be charged for a Day Pass that gives you 24 hours of unlimited Global Wi-Fi usage. If you exceed 24 hours or reconnect later, you’ll be charged again.
Enterprise pricing is available if you have staff that travel regularly. For more information please contact your Telstra sales person.

How will I know how many employees are registered?
You’ll receive a notification every time an employee registers for Global Wi-Fi, along with monthly breakdowns of employees who’ve registered and connected to the service.
To remove registered employees from your account, contact us at