Why get a dual SIM device?

Dual SIM devices are mobile phones and tablets that can host two SIM cards at the same time. If you have two phone numbers, dual SIM mobile phones make managing these phone plans easy. You can also enjoy the benefits of two different plans in one mobile or tablet, allowing you to get more done on one device.

More data, one device

Choose two plans and enjoy their benefits in one device. All our data plans offer different features, with a dual SIM setup you can get the best of both plans to boost your business.

Carry less while working remotely

With a dual SIM device it's easy to work on-the-go. Minimising the number of devices you need to carry means less time switching between mobiles and tablets and more time getting things done.

Get greater work life balance

Manage your work and personal phone numbers from one device to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues with greater ease.

Dual SIM mobiles

Dual SIM Tablets

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