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Time to upgrade your lease? It’s easy online.

If you’re over 12 months into your lease plan or you have Business Lease Assure, you can upgrade online today and keep making the most of mobile leasing on Australia’s best mobile network.


How to upgrade your lease phone

Choose your new phone and plan

Pick below from the latest and greatest phones and our range of great-value plans loaded with data, Telstra Air®, data-free live sport and more – all on Australia’s best mobile network.

Place your order

Our online shop will guide you through to placing your order. At checkout, you may need to pay an upgrade fee of $99 – depending on when you signed up to your plan. If your current phone’s damaged, there may be additional fees (see step-by-step guide below).

Return your old phone

As you’re leasing your current phone, you’ll need to return it in the satchel we’ll send you with your new phone within 14 days. You’ll need to make sure you have backed up your data and disabled tracking before you send it back to us. If you're not returning your device, or you want to purchase it, you won't be able to upgrade online. Please call us on 1800 086 351 or visit your nearest Telstra store.

Choose your new phone and upgrade now

Step-by-step guide to upgrading your lease

1. See if you are eligible and check your phone’s condition


If you return your current phone to us in good working order you’ll pay $99 to upgrade after 12 months, and $0 after 18 months, when you take up a new eligible 24 mth phone and service plan. Fees of up to $499 apply if you return a damaged phone.

What’s ‘good working order’?

Fee guide

If you have Business Lease Assure, you can upgrade your phone on a new eligible 24 mth phone and service plan anytime, regardless of damage, for $190. If your phone’s in good working order, you’ll pay $99 to upgrade before 18 months, and $0 after 18 months. You can check if you have Business Lease Assure on your Telstra Bill or in Your Telstra Tools.

You can only use Business Lease Assure twice in a 12 month period beginning on the date of purchase of your first eligible service plan.

2. Choose your new phone


Go to our Phones page and select the phone you want. You’ll be taken to a new page featuring that phone.


See available phones

3. Choose your new plan


Scroll down to see the plans available for that phone. Choose the plan you want then click the Lease tab. Then select Lease now.

4. Tell us about your current lease plan


You’ll be taken to the Customise your device page.

  • Select Existing service
  • Enter your current mobile number
  • Confirm your current number is on a lease plan
  • Provide the start date of your current lease contract
  • Tell us if you have Business Lease Assure on your plan

5. Provide the details of your current phone


6. Select your add-ons


If you’re worried about damaging your phone, add Business Lease Assure.

You can also add Data Share or Voice2Text.

7. Lease your new phone and service plan


Select Add to cart then upgrade another device or complete the checkout process.

8. Return your old phone


We’ll send you a postage-paid satchel with your new order. You have 14 days to return your old phone to us. Before you return your old phone, you’ll need to:

  • Back up your phone to ensure you have all of your personal information
  • Disable all locking features such as Find My iPhone or Google Lock
  • Remove the SIM and factory reset your phone

FAQs (frequently asked question)


If you don’t return your old phone within the required timeframe shown on your Customer Information Sheet, you’ll be charged a fee based on the phone’s Fair Market Value (to be advised at the time) plus 20%.


If you’re more than 12 months into your lease contract, or alternatively if you have Business Lease Assure, you’re eligible to upgrade to a new phone on a new 24-month eligible plan.

To find your lease start date, log in to the Telstra 24x7® App or Telstra 24x7 My Account using your Telstra ID username and password.


If you choose to move to a BYO plan anytime between months 12-24 of your lease plan, you can either:

  • return your phone and pay $99 if it's undamaged or up to $499 if it is damaged, or;
  • keep your phone and pay Fair Market Value (to be advised at the time) at which point, title in the phone will be transferred to you.

If you choose to move to a BYO plan after month 24 of your lease plan, you can return your phone to us in good working order and pay no fee. Alternatively, if you want to keep your phone you can purchase it at Fair Market Value (to be advised at the time).

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