Business at home checklist

Stay focused
The quarantine measures can feel disruptive, it's important to stick to your normal work times and routines if possible.
Stay healthy
Because you can work at all times, doesn’t mean you should. Eat well and take time to head outdoors for exercise.
Stay connected
Make sure you have access to fast, reliable and secure internet – especially important for video conferencing and sharing files.

Need more data? We're here to help.

We’re giving our small business customers additional data to help you manage the self-quarantine period. 

Got what you need?

Home internet
Microsoft Teams

Bring together chat, meeting, calling, and Office 365, all-in-one

Sign up today through the Telstra Apps Marketplace for a free, 6-month trial of Microsoft Teams.

Internet on the go
Business mobile plans

Stay connected to your team

Our business mobile plans have unlimited calls and texts, and no excess data charges in Australia.

Get more data to work from home
Business data plans

We’ve doubled your data.

Get double the normal data allowance on our small and large data plans. And existing customers will automatically have their allowance doubled.

Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services
Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services

Now is the time to get your website working

Get 50% off our Digital Marketing Services plan for 3 months.  We can build you a new website, upgrade your current one, keep you connected to your customers and more. 

Offer ends 30 June unless withdrawn earlier.

Telstra Mobile worksuite
Telstra Mobile Worksuite

Special prices on home office setups

Get $15 discount for the first 6 months on all new Mobile Worksuite packages. Even better, we will double the discount when you take a Microsoft Surface Device on a repayment plan as part of your package.

Offer ends 30 June unless withdrawn earlier.

Free one page website
Digital Marketing Services

Free one-page website

To help customers find you online, we’re offering a one-page Extra Small website plan plus Google My Business listing free for 12 months.

Free website expires after 12 months. You can upgrade to a paid website plan at any time.

Supporting you during COVID-19

Extra data and no late fees

We’re giving our consumer and small business customers additional data on their mobile and internet plans as well as waiving late payment fees.

JobSeeker discount

We will be offering a discount for our eligible consumer and small business customers currently receiving the JobSeeker payment.

Home internet

Supporting small businesses

Many small businesses across Australia are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. We're showing our support by helping your business adjust.

Request to suspend your fixed services

Suspend your service during COVID-19

If your business is not trading during COVID-19, you can request to suspend your business’ fixed services, such as internet or landline. This will include all fixed services, including your home ones and 4G backup, if they are on your business account. You won’t be able to use your fixed services or need to pay for them during the period they are suspended. Complete a request to suspend your fixed services before 31 May 2020 in Your Telstra Tools.


Before you begin, you’ll need a 10-digit account number. If your account number exceeds 10-digits, find out more.


For more information see our T&Cs.

Help & Support

Get help online with our range of support guides and handy FAQs.

Changes to our operations


Due to COVID-19 impacts, we’re experiencing delivery delays on some orders. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Call centres

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our contact centres are operating with reduced staff volumes. Expect longer than usual wait times if seeking customer service by phone.

Retail stores

We're making some precautionary changes to how we run our Telstra stores to ensure we can continue serving you throughout this period.

The latest updates on COVID-19

Home internet
Supporting our business customers

Supporting small businesses through

Many small businesses across Australia are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Australian small businesses are agile, we’ve always admired that about them, and we’ll see many of them adapt...

Home internet
Cyber security

Watch out for Coronavirus (COVID-19) phishing and malware

Cybercriminals are capitalising on Coronavirus (COVID-19) to send fake email and SMS phishing attacks that could infect computers or lead to the theft of logins and personal information.

Home internet

Technology solutions for working flexibly

Today’s tech makes working from home not just possible but also efficient and effective. Technology has radically transformed the way we work.