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A Revolution Is Happening

Transform the way your business works with our range of world leading, hand-picked business apps.

Businesses across Australia are using Apps to help streamline processes, improve communication and simplify the way customers transact. Get more done without the admin and free up time to focus on your business. Helping it to run raster, leaner and smarter.

Explore our Cloud Services and Applications

Business apps made simple

The Telstra Apps Marketplace provides you with a catalogue of the world’s leading applications and services, handpicked for your business. You can browse, buy and manage in one easy-to-use location, providing you with control at your fingertips.

Free trials available on most apps, so you can test-run before you buy.

Access use and manage all your apps from one secure and easy location.

Comprehensive support, online and on the phone when you need it.

Pay by credit card or put it on your bill with your other Telstra services.

How apps help our customers

Storm Electrical

Storm Electrical are staying ahead of the game by using Business Apps from Telstra. They allocate and manage jobs to their team and invoice upon job completion using GeoOp and Xero, and use Microsoft® Office 365 to collaborate and share information amongst their team, improving productivity and freeing up time.

Case study: Motorsport safety & rescue

The team at Motorsport Safety and Rescue rely on smart devices, the Telstra network and Microsoft® Office 365 to stay on top of the office work. They can share and change files in real time, in more places, meaning less travel to the office and more family time.


See apps scenarios in action

By combining apps from the Telstra Apps Marketplace, you can create a powerful solution for your business, whatever industry you’re in. 

Professional services

Business apps provide the tools to digitize signatures, share, protect and store documents and keep version control and more. Get them all from the Telstra Apps Marketplace.


Telstra Apps Marketplace gives you access to business apps to easily sync emails and calendars, roster your staff, create promotions and marketing campaigns, set up a website and online store to sell your product and more.


Four steps to getting started on the cloud

Switching to the cloud is often put in the 'too hard box', but each step you take is one more towards transforming your business.

Case study: Mr Rental

Take a closer look at how Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Lync Online helped Mr Rental drive business growth.


Clouds save businesses on rainy days

Find out how you can become part of the federal government’s high-speed broadband initiative.

Questions about cloud services?

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