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How to manage email storage limits

If your business is struggling to keep up with mailbox limits, Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM can help.


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How to manage email storage efficiently

Your employees are sending and receiving hundreds of emails a day and many of them may be too important to delete.

But if you haven't got around to installing an effective archiving system, mailboxes may be overflowing and your mail servers under huge strain.

Making things worse, your business may be struggling to comply with data retention policies and your employees might be deleting important emails.

There is a growing need to search electronic information for many reasons including: internal audits, HR requests, compliance supervision, and litigation. So how do you plan on ensuring your company's emails are searchable, should you need them?

If your business is struggling to keep up with email mailbox limits to store your emails for reference and compliance reasons, Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM can help you.

Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM provides a cloud-based archiving service that may reduce the strain on your mail servers and help ensure that your email data is safe and secure. And, while your internal and external emails are archived into the cloud, you'll still have access to emails.

Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM may help your business:

  • Email storage: Your IT staff may be able to remove quotas from users' mailboxes and provide archives that can be searched through Outlook or a web browser.
  • Email compliance: It allows your business to set email retention policies, provides supervision and review capabilities, and makes it possible to implement legal holds.
  • Server performance: Your business will always have virus protection and it will always be up-to-date, even when staff members are working remotely.
  • Protection: You can reduce backup and recovery times by storing information in the archive and expiring messages on the mail server.
  • Implementation: It's likely to be uncomplicated to implement and it reduces the need for hardware, software or client plug-ins.


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May be suitable for businesses with email archiving needs for 10 or more users.

Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM Veritas Enterprise Vault Enhanced.cloudTM
Consider for organisations with archiving and discovery needs. Consider for organisations with archiving and discovery needs but which also require the ability to access their emails in the event of an outage.

$7.16 incl. GST
per user per month 
(min. 24 month cost for 10 users is $1,718.40)

$9.21 incl. GST
per user per month 
(Min. 24 month cost for 10 users is $2,210.40)

Select Plan

Add-on option: Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM – Legacy Data Import

Add-on Legacy Data Import to upload your legacy data and access it from your Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM service.

$15.00 incl. GST
per GB or part thereof uploaded

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