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Home Business Bundles

Get your home business some backup.

This year, get broadband plus mobile broadband backup to help your business grow with our Home Business Bundles, starting from $80/mth.

Min cost $2,019 over 24 months (includes $99 activation fee). Mobile broadband backup requires 4G coverage. Speeds limited to 6Mbps/1Mbps.

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Our plans

Select the nbn™ bundle plan that best suits your home office needs.

Select the ADSL bundle plan that best suits your home office needs.

Benefits and add-ons

Mobile broadband backup

If there is an outage to your fixed connection, switch to the Telstra Mobile Network and connect to your customers with Australia’s largest mobile network.

Mobile broadband backup speeds limited to 6Mbps/1Mbps.

Need unlimited standard calls?

L and XL bundles include unlimited calls to standard numbers across Australia.

Unlimited data is here

Take up an L or XL bundle and you won’t need to worry about data limits when it comes to uploads and downloads.

Home Protect

Add Home Protect for an alarm monitoring service that connects your existing home alarm system to our security monitoring centre.

Telstra Air®

Eligible Telstra customers enjoy free Wi-Fi data at over 1 million Telstra Air hotspots across Australia and millions of Fon Spots overseas.

Add entertainment

Add a Telstra TV to your bundle for the whole family to enjoy when your work day is done.

More information about our bundle plans

The nbn™ network explained

The nbn network is a new telecommunications network being rolled out across Australia. This exciting new network will bring Australian phone and internet services into the future. Use our nbn rollout map to see where the nbn network is currently available and where it's coming to next.

View the nbn™ network rollout map