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After sales phone support

DOT customers have direct access to a dedicated team for support.


DOT is supported by some handy online tools. Each tool will require a username and password for login, which is included in your Configuration Summary email.

The tools include:

You can manage your services and calls with these easy-to-use applications for your desktop and tablet devices. For more info on what you can do with them, check out the how-to videos.

Manage your Main Business Number – CallConductor online

Download CallConductor for your iPad

Download CallConductor for your Android tablet

Manage your calls – CommManager download (for Windows)

Manage your calls – CommManager download (for MAC)

Advanced call management - CommPilot

From 28 February 2014 we’re changing the way we charge for international calls on our DOT Core Plans and Office Plans.

DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ International call rates (PDF, 300kB)

Manage your accounts


This video outlines how you can:

View and pay your bill online
View mobile data usage
View fixed data usage
Set up fixed data usage alerts

Setting up and managing CommManager


This video outlines how you can:

Set up call forward
Set up simultaneous ring
Use the remote office feature

How to set up your router


This video outlines how you can:

Change your Wi-Fi settings
Set up your Broadband back-up

How to transfer calls


This video outlines how you can:

Transfer call-blind transfer
Transfer calls-supervised transfer
Move calls between digital and analogue phones

How to set up CallConductor


This video outlines how you can:

Set up business hours and holiday schedules
Manage call forwarding
Set up virtual receptionist
Set up hunt group