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Your desk number from your mobile


The DOT App allows you to make and receive calls from your mobile or tablet while showing your fixed line number. Data charges apply in addition to standard call costs.

Top 3 reasons to use the App

What does it do?


Make voice and video calls looking as if you’re using your office phone when you’re on the go. You can be flexible and mobile using the DOT App on your mobile or tablet.

The free DOT App also allows you to complete call control management tasks like setting up call forwarding. The app and your compatible mobile, tablet or computer are linked to your DOT fixed phone number.  Data charges apply in addition to standard call costs.

The DOT App is available to all DOT customers.

How to get the DOT App

Step 1
Go to the DOT App Registration portal to activate your DOT service number (This step only applies to services connected before July 2015). 



Step 2
Download the DOT App.

DOT App for iPhone


DOT App for Android™


DOT App for Mac


DOT App for Windows PC


Step 3
Log in to the DOT App using the phone number of your DOT core/office plan and password.

Your DOT password can be found in your Configuration Summary email. 


Does the DOT App work from the mobile network or is it a Wi-Fi only app on premise?

The DOT App will be able to operate over any internet connection (Telstra and other connections) with a compatible device. You can use a Mobile Broadband network or  Wi-Fi Connection to a fixed broadband connection (including compatible PCs that are wired to a fixed broadband connection). Data charges apply.

How much data will I use for voice and video calls?

Data use for voice calls is approximately 100Kb/sec and video calls approximately 600Kb/sec. A two minute voice call uses approximately 1.46 MB of data plus the cost of the call charged at your DOT Core Plan rates.

How is it billed?

The DOT App is free to download for DOT customers. Data charges apply when it is in use.
Calls made over the DOT App will appear as calls made from your DOT phone number. The call will be rated as per the plan associated with that DOT phone number. All calls made from that DOT number will be recorded on your bill.

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