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nbn™ small business plans

Punch above your weight.

Position yourself to take on the global marketplace head on, with more powerful broadband and unlimited uploads Australia-wide.


Set your business up to work smarter.

The nbn network is opening up the playing field so that every business, big or small, has access to the same connections and the same opportunities. Give your team the power to reach global markets with an nbn-ready plan from Telstra.


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nbn ready plans

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of 20, need data to stream it big or just enough to do basic tasks, we’ve got a plan to help you work smarter.


Big benefits for small business

Stay connected

Telstra Broadband Backup automatically switches you to our mobile network in the event of an outage, so you can stay in touch with colleagues and customers.

Unlimited uploads

Uploads won’t count towards your data usage, so you can back up to the cloud and share large files without eating into your data allowance.

Secure, static IP

Keep your business running smoothly and securely by assigning your computers to a fixed IP address so you can run a server, host a domain and set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Get credit for smart apps

With a $15/mth Telstra Apps Marketplace Subscription Credit you can make the most of Microsoft® Office 365 Business or other business apps via the Telstra Apps Marketplace.

World class modems

Our nbn-ready Telstra Air®-compatible Gateway modem is included at no extra cost for new business bundles customers for a limited time only.

Free calls

Stay in touch with free voice calls between eligible services on the same account within Australia.

More information about the nbn network

The nbn network explained

The nbn telecommunications network is being rolled out across Australia to provide fast and reliable broadband communications, so that you can work smarter and stay connected.

This exciting new network will bring Australian phone and internet services into the future.

Learn more about the nbn

We're here to help

nbn plans and equipment sales

We're here to answer your questions about switching to the nbn network with Telstra

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nbn plan orders

If you have a question about your existing nbn network plan order please feel free to contact us

Call: 1800 304 473
Faults & tech support

Having trouble? Call nbn service support now.

Call: 13 2999
Visit a Telstra Business Centre

Let us walk you through your nbn options at your local Telstra Business Centre. 

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