No store nearby? No worries.

Get help and support without visiting a store. You can call us, browse our website or use the Telstra 24x7 app.

We’re committed to offering our customers, whether in metropolitan or rural areas, the ability to get the support they need online, without the need to visit a Telstra store. Find out below some of the key issues which can be addressed via our contact centre, our website or on your mobile device.


If you are experiencing technical issues with your service or device, we offer some self-service options which can save you a trip to a Telstra store.

Our mobile faults page has been designed to help you check your device for any faults or issues prior to sending it in for repair. Please visit our mobile-faults page for an in-depth guide to help you identify what’s wrong with your mobile device.

Device Care app

  • The Device Care app can be used to address and resolve problems prior to coming to a store.
  • If any issues are detected, the app will display the options to fix your issue as well as run basic device checks to ensure everything is in sync.
  • For more information, a walkthrough guide and an option to download the Device Care app, click here.

Device repair

If you need to have your device sent to our repair centre this can be done without visiting a Telstra store. After you’ve completed all the basic trouble-shooting and backup steps highlighted on our mobile faults page, you can fill out a self-service form here. Once you’ve filled out your customer details, you will be sent an email with a device return form.

If you are still unsure as to whether your device will require a repair or full replacement, you can call our mobile assurance team on 13 22 00. The team will be able to help confirm the device issue and whether a repair is necessary.

Make sure you’ve read through our consumer advice page on faulty products before sending your device.

Do you need a loan phone?

Our stores can provide you with a loan phone, depending on device availability. If you require a loan phone, the best thing to do is call your local Telstra store to determine stock availability before heading to the store. To find your nearest store, click here.

If you are a StayConnected Plus ® customer, if your device fits the relevant criteria, you can opt to have your device replaced instead of having it repaired. For more information, visit our StayConnected page.


The change of ownership process can be done primarily online without the need to go into store. In order to access and process your change of ownership request, please download the forms by visiting our change of ownership page.

However, if you’re transferring a mobile contract to a non-Telstra customer, this can only be done in store. To find your nearest store, click here.


To make changes to an account, you must either be the account holder or be listed as a authorised representative on that account. An authorised representative is also known as an authorised contact. If you are neither the account holder nor authorised representative, our call centre agents will be unable to verify and process any of your requests since our agents will be unable to validate you.

To find our more about the different sorts of authorised representatives that you can set up on your account, and the specific tasks that each type of authorised representative can do, visit

Are you seeking account authorisation?

To become an authorised representative on an account, the account holder or an appropriate authorised representative must phone us to have themselves verified and authorise this action.

If you are not an authorised representative and the account holder hasn’t already requested to have authorisation, the best thing to do is to ask the account holder to phone us or visit a store to have you added as an authorised representative on their account.


When activating a new or existing Telstra service, you may require a new SIM card. If you have purchased a new device from Telstra or signed up for a new Telstra plan, a blank SIM will be sent out with your device and activation information, which can then be activated online.

If you have lost your SIM, or if your existing SIM is faulty, or if you need to change SIM size, we are able to provide you with a blank SIM without the need visit a store.  To request a blank SIM, call our mobile assurance team on 13 22 00 and say ‘mobile’ or ‘SIM replacement’. Our customer service consultants will process your request and have it sent to you by express delivery.

Pre-Paid SIM replacement

If you have recently purchased a Pre-Paid starter kit and wish to keep your current number, you will need to order a blank SIM card, as we are unable to transfer your old number to the SIM card in your starter kit.

Ordering a new blank SIM

Our customer service consultants will need to confirm your identity in order to confirm that they are sending the blank SIM to the right address and the right contact. Please ensure when calling that you have access to 100 points of ID in order to have yourself identified as the account holder. For more information on what is accepted, please refer to our support page on what constitutes 100 points of ID.