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Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards

Vote for Australia’s most brilliant ballet talent

Introducing our 2019 nominees

The Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards was created in 2003 to support the rising stars of The Australian Ballet.

Telstra is proud to announce our six nominees for 2019 and to celebrate 35 years of partnership with The Australian Ballet.

For our six dancers, the joy of dance became a calling. Watch their unique journeys and vote for your favourite to win the People’s Choice Award

Isobelle Dashwood

Isobelle grew up in a family of dancers. Their support and her love for ballet have helped her grow in confidence and overcome her natural shyness.

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Cristiano Martino

From learning jazz as a child, to mastering ballet, Cristiano constantly sets himself new goals. He’s determined to learn something every time he dances.

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Marcus Morelli

Growing up, Marcus never let anything or anyone stop him from dancing. He’s found strength in ballet, both physically and mentally.


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Jill Ogai

Jill started ballet with her twin. But when she stepped into the studio, she shone as an individual. It’s shaped her into the independent woman she is today.

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Sharni Spencer

Growing up, Sharni realised she had to set her own pace and trust in her own path. Her perseverance and patience have shaped her into the dancer she is today.

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Yichuan Wang

When Yichuan started ballet, he was captivated by the energy and movement. But now, it’s become a powerful way for him to convey emotion and express himself.

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