COVID-19 impacts are affecting some Telstra Plus benefits.


All members: Telstra Plus Tickets

Due to COVID-19 impacts, there are changes to some events sold through Telstra Plus Tickets.

If you have purchased tickets to sports, concerts or arts, please check the status of the event with the ticket vendor.

Event Cinemas and Village Cinemas temporarily closed

Movie tickets pre-purchased through Telstra Plus Tickets will be refunded. If you purchased movie tickets during this time, you will receive an email from Event Cinemas or Village Cinemas with further details.

Silver and Gold members: 24/7 Tech Support

Due to increased COVID-19 containment measures, our call centre workforce has been reduced. As a result, we’re temporarily unable to offer 24/7 Tech Support over the phone or online via Telstra Platinum.

Business members: Telstra Business Tech Services

Due to COVID-19 impacts, we’re temporarily unable to accept new Telstra Business Tech Services activations.

 If you have already activated your benefit, we will continue to provide support over the phone, but you may experience long wait times.

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