Are you considering a smart home?

Thinking about making your home smarter? Read this first.

24 Aug 2018

Are you considering a smart home?

A smart home can make life a little easier.

What makes a home smart?

It's when you connect smart devices in your home over WiFi and control them centrally via a voice activated speaker or app on your phone.

Why would I consider it?


With smart home technology, you don't need to walk to a device to activate it. Just use your voice or an app.

You can turn TV, lights and heating on and off. Draw blinds and curtains. Or stream music, news and search the web with a voice command.

Home automations are even handier still. Program heaters or air conditioners to start up so the temperature is ideal when you get home. And adjust the brightness of lights to match the time of day. In fact, customise your home ambience just the way you like.

Home awareness and safety

Smart technology is great for home security. You can check doors and windows are shut via your app, and be notified if they're being tampered with. Some apps let you answer your front door intercom via your smartphone when you're elsewhere.

Go a step further with motion sensors that alert you when your home has been entered. Or video cameras to monitor things when you're at work or on holidays. Some people keep an eye on their pets this way and even talk to them over speakers. Solving the age old mystery whether Winston the dog does sit on the good couch when you’re away from home.

Just remember, while motion sensors and home security cameras are really useful and help with household efficiency and control, they won't provide the same level of protection as professional security surveillance companies.

How do I start?

First decide what you want and how much you'd like to spend. Then decide on which smart home system you'd like to use. Most likely you'll go for a voice activated speaker partnered with a smart phone app. There are many options but major vendors include:

  • Google Home with Google Assistant
  • Amazon Echo and Dot with Alexa
  • Apple HomePod and HomeKit with Siri


Nowadays, most smart devices and sensors will work with any system. Before you buy, look for the "Works with XXXX" tag on the device.

Where does Telstra Smart Home fit in?

Telstra Smart Home is a complete system including the app, smart hub and a range of leading devices. You can control all your devices from one app whether you're at home or not. It's really simple to set up and use, plus you have the assurance of 24x7 support.

If home automation is your thing, Telstra Smart Home is the way to go. It's easy to instruct your smart cameras, lights and sensors to do what you want and when. You only need to set up automations once via the Telstra Smart Home app, and the Telstra Smart Home Hub will remember.

Telstra Smart Home will also work with voice activated speakers from Google and Amazon when combining a smart plug with a voice activated speaker. Making the morning coffee can be simple and ready from the moment you wake up!

How do I link a Google Home to Telstra Smart Home?

Before you start

1. Set up and activate Telstra Smart Home

2. Check your Smart Home Smart Plugs, Smart Lights and Smart Thermostats are paired to Telstra Smart Home, and you can control them with your Telstra Smart Home App.

Linking Google Home and Telstra Smart Home

1. Open the Google Home App. In the top left corner of Google Home screen, tap the hamburger menu button (3 horizontal lines)

2. Tap Home control from the pop out menu

3. In the Devices tab, at the bottom right tap the plus symbol

4. Tap the Telstra Smart Home icon

5. Enter your Telstra Smart Home ID and Password, tap Log in

6. Check the check boxes to agree to link Telstra Smart Home to Google Home and press Confirm

7. When the pairing is complete, tap Done.

We’re here to help

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What else can Telstra Platinum help me with?

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