Protect your kidswith parental controls.

It’s a great learning tool and great fun, but some internet content isn’t suitable for children. Talking to your kids about the dangers online and backing it up with a content filtering system, is the best way to protect them.

You can decide what your kids see

29 Dec 2017

On this page you’ll find out how we can help you secure devices, mobile and fixed, that are connecting to your home broadband network. And how to manage your kids access to them. To find out how to control access on devices connected to a mobile network only, click here.

What to look for in parental controls

There are lots of Parental Control systems, and they generally deliver these features:

Filter content

This allows you to block access to inappropriate websites such as those showing pornography or violence.

Schedule access

You can set specific times for online activities, and restrict access at other times, such as homework time and sleep time. Some systems also allow you to set daily or weekly limits on internet usage.


You can choose to be alerted by text or email when a child tries to visit a restricted site. With some systems, your child can contact you via the app to ask you to unblock a site. Or ask for extra time online to finish homework.

Online management

An online console lets you define restrictions, view reports on online activities and respond to your child’s unlock request.

Social network monitoring

You can be alerted about posts on social networking sites that include words or phrases which could be inappropriate. However, you need to have your child’s login details… and you should have their agreement. Social Network Monitoring is a more advanced feature and not always included.

Before you buy

  1. Make sure the Parental Control system you’re looking at works with all the computers, laptops, game consoles and mobiles in your home. Note: most TVs have Parental Controls built in.
  2. Make sure the Parental Control system works with all your devices’ operating systems.
  3. Check how many devices you can add to the Parental Control system. Some set limits on the number that can be included.

Make it simpler and safer

A lot of Parental Control systems require you to install and configure the application on every device.

A simpler way is to have a network-based solution such as Telstra Broadband Protect. There’s no software to install; all incoming content is filtered via your modem… and every device accessing your home broadband is protected.

Parental Controls made easy with Telstra

Parental Controls come standard with Telstra Broadband Protect. So you can protect your devices from spyware and viruses, and protect your children from inappropriate content in the one home broadband package. With Telstra Parental Controls you can:


Choose content control levels
Set up time restrictions for homework
Block websites by category
Block or allow individual websites
Get notified by email or text of attempted access to a restricted site


And because Telstra Broadband Protect is network-based, you don’t have to install software on different devices. Every device that joins your home broadband network gets the same protection.

Telstra Broadband Protect is even included at no extra cost when you purchase a new Telstra home broadband bundle.

We’re here to help

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