How to troubleshoot send/receive email in Outlook

16 April 2018

Sometimes if you're not receiving emails, or emails are bounced back, there can be a simple explanation.

The first thing is to check that your internet connection is working. Then check your username and password are both entered correctly in your email software. For help resetting your Telstra Mail username or password go to

With these quick checks done, there are some other things you can do. For example, you can adjust settings if your emails are mistakenly going into your junk mail box, or spam filter. If there's trouble sending or receiving, it may be an issue with the email server settings. This video shows you a couple of basic settings you can check.

Have you ever seen the terms IMAP or POP in relation to email? IMAP means your email automatically syncs with email servers, whereas POP downloads emails to one specific computer. So, if you want to access emails from multiple devices, check to see you have IMAP enabled.

For more detailed help if you are still having trouble, talk to the tech experts at Telstra Platinum.

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