How to attach photos or files to emails in Outlook

06 May 2018

You can share photos and files with your other devices and people in a few different ways. Using cloud storage products, or physical equipment like thumb drives and external hard drives are common methods.

Emailing a file is often the easiest way. You can embed a photo in the body of an email or attach it as a file. But be aware of the size of the file, as email servers often limit how big the file can be. Your recipient may also have a limit on the size of emails they receive, or how big their inbox is.Check your email provider’s website or in your settings and you should find what that magic number is.

If you're unsure, there's no harm in sending it anyway. The worst that can happen is the email will “bounce” back with a message saying your mail was unable to be sent or delivered. This should give you an indication about file sizes as well.

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