How do I setup and use my eReader?

Everything you need to know about these mobile electronic reading devices and how to get access to thousands of ebooks, digital magazines and newspapers.

Updated 12 Nov 2018

What is an eReader?

An eReader is a mobile device about the size of a tablet that lets you read digital newspapers, magazines and ebooks stored in the cloud.

You’ll have access to tens of thousands of titles from ebooks and audio files with your eReader no matter where you are - it’s an electronic bookshelf at your fingertips.

Read anything, anywhere:

eReaders boast a range of features that make them ideal for reading on the go:

  • Storage space for thousands of ebooks
  • No screen glare
  • Built in light for better night-time reading
  • Synced bookmark
  • Large storage space (8 GB or 32 GB)
  • Weeks of battery life
  • Some devices are also waterproof

How does an eReader work?

eReaders are designed to be a single purpose device with wireless connectivity. You can then access their online store for downloading ebooks without connecting the device to a computer.

  • Reading from your eReader is similar to reading a newspaper or book. The built-in light feature allows you to read with ease in direct sunlight or in darkness.
  • You can quickly and easily remember where pages are in your ebooks by using bookmarks, also known as dog-ears.
  • You can also synchronise your tablet, smartphone or desktop to your eReaders via their app.


Good to know

Because they’re essentially just a reading device, eReaders are often cheaper than tablets. Some eReaders do offer web browsing and colour, but screen resolution is lower than on tablets.


Which eReaders are most common in Australia?


Amazon Kindle is the most popular eReader worldwide. There are over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks to purchase from the Kindle store, with some titles also available free.


Rakuten Kobo has over 5 million ebooks and magazines to choose from their ebookstore. The open platform supports a variety of platforms allowing you to purchase from many sources.


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How do I get books on to my eReader?

Finding ebooks is similar to using a library’s computer catalogue by searching for a title or browsing by category. Before getting started, make sure you are connected to the internet, and check that your preferred credit card (supplied when registering an account), is still within expiry. for those you need to buy, however some ebooks are free to access. If you intend to borrow ebooks from your local library, and you haven't purchased an eReader yet, check with them before you do to see which format of ebook they have. This could help you decide which one to get.


Setup your Kindle

  1. Register your Kindle
  2. From ‘Home’, tap the Menu symbol then tap ‘Settings’

  3. Tap ‘My Account’
  4. Enter your billing information during setup

  5. Search an ebook then click ‘Buy Now’
  6. If there are multiple devices linked to your account, select one to ‘Deliver’ the file to

  7. Click on the ebook in ‘My Library’


Setup your Kobo

  1. Setup an account at then Log in
  2. Search an ebook
  3. Tap the ‘Browse’ icon located on the home screen

  4. Tap the ‘Buy’ icon
  5. Billing information may be saved here for future purchases

  6. Tap ‘Continue’ to ‘Confirm’ order
  7. You are now ready to ‘Read’ your ebook

Turn your laptop into an eReader

You can download ebooks directly to your laptop and use it like an eReader. You can also transfer ebooks back and forth between your laptop and an eReader.

These instructions are for Windows 7. Other Windows versions are similar.

  1. Setup an account and Sign in
  2. Go to your preferred eReader website provider e.g. Amazon for Kindle

  3. Search for an ebook to purchase
  4. Select ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’
  5. This is located under ‘Your Account’

  6. Connect your eReader to your computer
  7. Copy ebooks from your computer to your eReader found in the ‘Documents Folder’

Turn your smart phone into an eReader

  • Download the Kindle/Kobo app

  • Sign in with your Amazon/Kobo account

  • Click on sync to download your ebooks

Where can I use my eReader?

Anywhere! Once you’ve downloaded an ebook you can read offline wherever you find yourself. Or read online wherever you can access a Wi-Fi network.

Can I read in the bath?

Many new models are now waterproof so you can read in the bath or by the pool without worry.

How much storage space do eReaders have?

Most eReaders offer 8GB, which is about 5,000 ebooks! Some latest models now offer 32GB.

How much battery life does my eReader have?

A single charge lasts up to several weeks depending on wireless usage. Reduce your battery drainage by switching Bluetooth off and adjusting down the light setting.

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