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Moving house is a time-consuming job that requires plenty of planning, preparation and patience.

By prioritising tasks and being well organised, you can save time and avoid a lot of stress.

Our moving checklist below can help you make the move to your new home smoother and more efficient.

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4 weeks before moving house
  • If you’re renting, formally notify your landlord of your moving date and arrange a property inspection to ensure you get your rental bond back
  • Book a removalist if you aren’t able to do all the packing, moving and unpacking yourself
  • If you’re doing all the packing yourself, get moving boxes and packing material, and label them clearly
  • If it’s a DIY move, consider booking a trailer, ute or truck to move large items
  • Create an inventory of your items – make a note of what items are fragile and may need special care when moving
  • Sell or donate any unwanted items
  • Book storage facilities if necessary
  • Collect or request a transfer of school, medical, dental and other important records 
  • Disassemble any large items you won’t be using before the move, such as spare beds 
  • Organise time off work for the move
  • Arrange to disconnect your utilities – gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc - and reconnect at your new home
  • Arrange to redirect your mail using Australia Post’s mail redirection service
  • Notify anyone that needs to know of your move, such as your employer, banks, insurance providers, the ATO, Medicare, local council, other government agencies and more. You can do it yourself or use Australia Post’s Notify Organisations service for selected organisations
  • If you’ve got children or pets, arrange for babysitting, childcare and/or pet minding on moving day.
  • Arrange for your existing home to be thoroughly cleaned once you’ve moved out
  • Arrange for your new home to be cleaned ahead of your arrival
  • Organise rubbish removal if necessary
  • Settle any outstanding bills 
  • Return any borrowed items such as library books and DVDs
  • Cancel or redirect newspaper and other deliveries such as milk and groceries
  • Clean out the fridge and pantry
  • Dispose of flammables
  • Back up your computer 
  • Gather all important documents and valuables in one place and make sure you carry these with you during the move – passports, birth certificates, jewellery, etc
  • Prepare a floor plan of your new home and identify where large items like furniture should go. If you’re not moving things yourself, give a copy to the removalists so they know what needs to go where
  • Ensure that the items you’re moving yourself (such as documents and valuables) aren’t mixed up with items the removalists are responsible for
  • Turn off the gas, electricity, water and all switches
  • Leave a note for the new occupants, specifying your forwarding address
  • Do a final walk through to make sure everything is clean and you haven’t left anything behind 
  • Don’t forget garage door openers or spare keys - leave them behind for the new owners
  • Lock all doors and windows before you leave

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