How often do you use your phone?

If you only want a phone plan so that others can contact you, and you only very occasionally make calls, or text or use data, then the Pre-Paid Long Life Plus plan may suit you. The plan is designed to withdraw charges from your Pre-Paid credit balance each time you use it. Because it's suited for customers who don't use their phone often, the expiration on the recharge levels are longer than any other Pre-Paid plans.

Do you find that you are now making more calls or using data, or you need to recharge more often than before?

If so, you may be better suited to our Pre-Paid Max plan on your next recharge. It includes unlimited calls in Australia to standard Australian numbers and more data. However, data recharges expire quicker.

If you're not already on the Pre-Paid Long Life Plus plan, here's why it may be better suited to your needs:

On the Long Life Plus plan data rates are lower than what you may be currently paying. By making the switch, you could reduce the amount of credit you use each month and spend less on top ups.

Plan recharge values

Recharge Amount $20 $30 $50 $70 $100
Expiry (Days) 45 186 186 365 365
National Standard Calls 30c/min
National Standard SMS 30c/SMS
Data 7c/MB which means approx. $70 per GB
National picture and video MMS 30c/MMS
MessageBank Retrieval 30c/min

Not on Long Life Plus? If you're thinking of switching, view our plans.

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