What is included?

From May 30th, we will be gradually rolling out a 5G access trial for all Telstra/Boost Pre-Paid customers. To remain eligible for the trial, you simply need to continue to have an active recharge. You will be notified by an SMS or email once 5G access has been added to your Pre-Paid service as part of this trial. Then, to access 5G, you’ll need a 5G compatible device and be in a 5G coverage area. You will not be charged for the trial and all other benefits of your service will remain the same. The trial will end on 28 November 2022, after which your service will default back to the standard in-market network access for your chosen plan and recharge amount at that time.

Please see FAQs for more information.

Want to test how your 5G is performing?

Your data allowance will not be impacted by this test. Please make sure Wi-Fi is turned off when testing. To access 5G, you’ll need a 5G compatible device in a 5G coverage area.

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How do I find out which areas are covered by 5G?

Check out our coverage map.

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