How often do you use your phone?

If you only occasionally make calls, or text or use data, then your current Pre-Paid plan may suit you. The plan is designed to withdraw charges from your Pre-Paid credit balance each time you use it, so it's suited for customers who don't use their phone often.

Want to understand your data usage better?

To understand how much data you might need, try our data usage calculator. For some tips on how to minimise your data usage, see our data usage tips.

Do you find that you are making more calls or using data, or you need to recharge more often?

If so, you may want to switch to our Pre-Paid Complete Plan on your next recharge, as it may be better suited to your usage needs.

Learn more about Pre-Paid Complete before changing your plan. Or, if you’re already thinking about making the switch, here’s how.

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