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Time for a change?

We’ve launched a new Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband plan. Check out how it compares with your current plan to see if it works better for you.

  Please compare the new plan to your current plan, including the changes to expiry periods and rollover rules. If you choose to leave your existing plan for Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Plus, you won't be able to switch back to your old plan.

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Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Pass II

Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Plus

$20 $30 $30 Automatic Scheduled Recharges $60 $90 $150 $30 $50 $90 $150
Data 3GB 3GB 6GB 6GB 10GB 20GB 3GB 10GB 25GB 25GB
Expiry 7 days 30 days Monthly 90 days 185 days 365 days 28 days 365 days
Rollover Roll over unused data when you recharge before your expiry date Roll over unused data to use within your next recharge Unused data does not roll over
All to use in Australia

Ready to change to Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Plus?

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Please note:

Important information

Please compare the new plan to your current plan, including expiry periods and roll over rules, as these may differ. If you choose the new plan, you may lose some unused portions of your current plan, such as bonus data. You also won't be able to go back to your original plan. Once you've changed your plan, we'll send you a text to confirm. You'll then need to recharge to get the benefits of the new plan.

No Automatic Scheduled Monthly recharge bonus

There is no Automatic Scheduled Monthly recharge bonus double data on the new Mobile Broadband Plus plan. If you currently have an Automatic Scheduled Recharge on the $30 Data Pass and you decide to change to the new plan, you can continue to recharge automatically with your saved payment method. However, no bonus data will be applied. If you choose to stay on Data Pass II, new and existing Scheduled Recharges on the $30 Data Pass will continue to get the double data bonus.