A new phone every year for only $149

Love the feeling you get from having the latest phone?

With New Phone Feeling you can take up a brand new mobile just twelve months into your contract for only $149.

Get that feeling


Sign up to a new plan

Sign up to a new Telstra 24-month handset contract on an eligible plan, either online, over the phone or in store and we'll include New Phone Feeling.

Wait just 12 months

When you hit the 12 month mark on your current plan and pay a one-off fee of $149, you can purchase a new handset on a new 24-month plan without having to pay the remaining payments for your existing handset.

Send in your old handset

Either bring your existing mobile to a Telstra store or arrange to redeem online or over the phone. You'll also need to return your existing device in working order within 14 days of recontracting. But before you do, you should find out if your phone’s in good enough shape

Get your brand new phone

Once you've agreed to pay the $149 fee, returned your existing handset in working order and signed up to a new 24-month mobile contract on an eligible plan, you'll have a brand new mobile to enjoy.

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Already have New Phone Feeling?

Have you had New Phone Feeling for more than 12 months? See how you can redeem your offer.

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Want to know more?

Our FAQs have the answers to all of your New Phone Feeling questions.

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