How to upgrade after 12 months

Select your new phone

Choose a phone on a 24 month payment term, add it to a month-to-month mobile plan, pay $99 (or $0 after 18 months) and return your current phone in good working order.

Choose a month-to-month plan

Our new month-to-month, no lock-in mobile plans give you the flexibility to change your plan once a month. If you leave, simply pay out your device.

Enjoy fast home delivery

Your new phone will be delivered free, by the next business day within metro areas. You’ll also receive a reply-paid satchel to use when returning your current lease phone.

Choose your new phone

Galaxy S20 4G

Galaxy S20

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Galaxy S20 4G

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10

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Not ready to upgrade?

That’s OK – you don’t have to upgrade now. But because you’re leasing your phone, you’ll still need to return it when your contract ends. If you don’t, we’ll keep charging you for the phone and plan until month 30 of your contract. At this point, we’ll charge you a device non-return fee based on the fair market value of your phone at the time, and it will be yours to keep.

Some more questions you may have about upgrading



Questions about your upgrade?

24x7 Sales Chat

24x7 Sales Chat