How to upgrade your phone with Mobile Swap Assure

Got Mobile Swap Assure?

To upgrade, take up a new phone on a 24 or 36 month payment term and add it to a month-to-month mobile plan. Then pay $190 and return your current phone.

Don’t have Mobile Swap Assure?

Telstra no longer offers Mobile Lease plans and Mobile Swap Assure is no longer available for purchase. Instead, we now offer month-to-month mobile plans. You can add a phone and pay it off over 24 months.

Fast, free delivery

If you have Mobile Swap Assure, order your new phone online and get free delivery anywhere in Australia - by the next business day for metro areas.

What to do before returning your phone

After taking up a new phone on a 24 month payment term and adding it to a month-to-month mobile plan, please do the following before returning your current phone (if it still turns on):

  1. Back up your phone to ensure you have all of your personal information
  2. Remove any device tracking on your phone
  3. Remove your SIM and factory reset your phone

How to return your current phone

When you place your order online, we’ll send you a postage-paid satchel, along with instructions. You’ll need to return your phone in the satchel to us within 14 days from the date that you sign up.

The phone you return must be the phone that you originally leased with your plan. If your leased phone was replaced under warranty or insurance, you’ll need to provide proof of replacement.

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