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Have a lease plan?

If you already have a Mobile Lease plan your existing plan arrangement is unaffected. You're still able to upgrade your phone after 12 months.

How? Choose a new phone on a 24 month device payment term and add it to a month-to-month mobile plan. Then pay a one-off upgrade fee of $99 (or $0 after 18 months) and return your old phone to us in good working order within 14 days. Additional fees apply if you return the phone damaged.

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Have Mobile Swap Assure?

If you have Mobile Swap Assure you can still upgrade your phone anytime, regardless of damage, for a flat fee of $190. Simply choose a new phone on a 24 month payment term, add it to a month-to-month mobile plan, then return your old phone to us.


You can redeem Mobile Swap Assure twice in each 12 month period from the start of your initial lease plan. You can cancel Mobile Swap Assure anytime.

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More information about mobile phones can be found in our Support section.