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Move the sliders below to reflect your average Internet usage.
Use the estimated monthly data usage to find the right plan for you.


How many emails do you send and receive?


How many web pages do you view?

 0 5 25 50 100 250+

How long do you spend streaming videos? (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

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HD movies

How many HD movies do you download? (iTunes, Google Play, etc.)

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How much music do you stream? (Spotify, Google Play, etc.)

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Apps / games

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Estimated data usage


How we estimate

The following approximations are applied to estimate your usage. They are based on typical file sizes. Your usage may vary:

Activity Approximate data size
Emails sent / received 0.5MB per email
Web browsing 1.5MB per page
Video streaming 9.5MB per minute
HD movies 3.75GB per movie
Music streaming 2.5MB per minute
App / game download 35MB per item
  1MB = 1.024KB
  1GB = 1,024MB