Connect to the nbn network in New South Wales.

Great news! The nbn™ network is available in New South Wales. Enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection with Australia’s favourite nbn provider. Learn more about plans on the nbn network below.

Can I connect to the nbn network in New South Wales?

Find out if you can connect to the nbn network at your home using our address checker, or use our nbn rollout map to see where it’s coming next.


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Plans on the nbn network in New South Wales


About the nbn network

What is the nbn network?

The nbn network is a government-owned broadband network. It’s being rolled out to give Australians access to a reliable internet connection, and we can help you get ready.

Connecting to the nbn network

Getting connected to the nbn network in New South Wales is a two-step process. nbn co delivers the network and a retail service provider, like us, completes your service connection.

nbn speeds in New South Wales

The internet speeds you’ll experience on the nbn network in New South Wales will depend on a number of factors, including your connection type and in-house setup.

Why choose Telstra?

Safeguard your devices

Telstra Broadband Protect gives you safer home internet by automatically protecting all your devices from known online threats. 

Wi-Fi on the go

Connect when you’re out and about with Telstra Air, which gives you access to 1 million free Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia.

Fast, reliable internet

Enjoy a fast and reliable connection to the fixed broadband network trusted by more Australian homes.

nbn services not available to all areas or premises.

nbn satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not happy with your nbn service, tell us within 30 days of connecting and we’ll set you free without penalty. First time Telstra on nbn connections only.