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If you're travelling overseas, you can take your mobile phone, tablet or mobile broadband device with you and still enjoy great rates and coverage.


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From 12 May 2015, International Roaming is automatically active on new Telstra mobile services, whether you’re on a Telstra mobile plan or have a Pre-Paid service. If you choose not to go with us for your international roaming service, please call the number below.

If you joined us on a Telstra mobile plan before 12 May 2015 you will need to activate roaming before you head overseas. To activate International Roaming call us or activate online (online activation can take up to 3 days).

Call us +61 439 125 109   or   Activate online

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Find out which countries you can roam to, whether you’re on a monthly plan or Pre-Paid.

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Mobiles on a plan

Learn how to keep track of your roaming usage and costs while overseas.

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Find out how to keep your usage down, and track your data usage with your Pre-Paid service overseas.

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Here are some tips on tracking data usage if you're taking your mobile broadband device with you overseas

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Don't let a trip overseas bust the budget. Learn how to keep track of roaming usage and costs for your business.

Time to update security?

You will always be asked to enter your mobile phone number and a secure 6 digit PIN when you retrieve your voicemail from overseas. If you can’t remember your PIN you can SMS 'M' to +61101 and your voicemail will call you and play your messages. After you’ve listened to your messages you can change your PIN by selecting option 3 from the main menu.

Things you need to know

International Roaming can be deactivated at any given time by calling +61 439 125 109. All calls are toll free if called from a Telstra service.

International roaming is automatically activated for new customers who join Telstra on a Go Mobile plan, Go Mobile Broadband plan, Go Business Mobile plan or Go Business Mobile Business plan from 12 May 2015. If you are recontracting your existing service you can ask to activate roaming when recontracting or alternatively by visiting

Call forwarding restrictions: From 12 May 2015 call restrictions will apply for our call forwarding service. Calls can only be forwarded to Australian numbers. This helps us protect you from any fraud in case your phone is stolen while you are overseas.